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Feeling bad long after electrocution

It has been 20 days ago since I got electrocuted (Electrical shock from 220 VAC, while holding live wires in each hand, hence the path may have been via my heart, but I had no muscle spasm, or stayed alive, with no burns, and no loss of consciousness) - BUT ever since I have constant headache, and not feeling well.
My headache is constant and it a feeling of dullness, as if my ears are full of cement.

My question/s:

1.   I do understand that electrical shocks have severe effect on the human body, and with some long-term effects. (I estimated the current that passed thru me could have been as large as 160 milliAmpers, which is quite severe; and it could have all passed via my heart) -
Will I have constant and continuous problems from now and ever, from short-term to long-term future? Will these issues go away in time? Will my headache (and heart ache) recover autonomously in time?

2.   Is there anything to do at this point? And I mean, beyond this-or-that obvious checkups (which are plentiful as usual) As far as I understand there is not any remedy or antidote for electrocution. Am I correct? Is there any remedy to correct the electrical shock destruction in body? Is there anything I should or must do? Obviously it has been 20 days ago, and I am still alive (and can even write this question) But I do not know what do with my pains, especially the headaches; they are constant, and I feel like my ears are blocked, as if I have cement in my ears.

I hope you can help and/or shed some light on this complicated issue;
Thank you very much for the consideration;


I am not a healthcare professional so I cannot give medical advice. Also, I am not familiar with the long term effects and treatment due to being electrocuted. I could not find much beyond the acute emergency treatment aspect. However, I have a few things that might help.
* the human mind and body are amazing so anything is possible and you might not have the problems forever. On this topic, I recommend Dr. Lissa Rankin's book - Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself - she did a lot of research about how people/ the body heals itself.
* Perhaps other survivors have had similiar experiences and they can offer some insights for you - Lightning Strike and Electrical Shock Survivors International -
* Ask your doctor/ health care professional what treatment is available and what you can do.
* Acupuncture is supposed to be really great with pain issues and headaches in particular. If you do decide to give it a try please make sure to let the doctor know that you have been electrocuted because some acupuncture doctors use electrical stimulation of the needles (I think it helps to improve their effectiveness), some will use manual stimulation of the needles, but no fear because all the acupuncture points are not stimulated they just seem to pick a few key ones and they could probably accommodate this issue if it is even a problem. I doubt the question have you ever been electrocuted is on most standard intake forms be it conventional Western Medicine, traditional Eastern/ Oriental Medicine, etc, so it would be a good thing to tell them.

I hope this can help some sorry I could not do more. It is a very difficult subject to learn more about so I can imagine the struggles you are having.

Best wishes,

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