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Chrysler/Chrylser 2000 neon door


I have a 2000 neon and the front passenger door will not lock if i have the door panel on the door and the rods for the door handle / door lock attached.
When i remove the door panel the door will lock fine. Do you think that this is an easy fix? Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi John,
Check the lock liver movement in door panel without attach the rod, it must moving very easy and freely,
If it's so push and pull the rod by hand against the lock actuator it self, it must go easy with no feeling any resistance, if you feel this try to spray contact cleaner inside the actuator (pressurized cleaner with light oil) and re push and pull
Unplug the actuator and clean may be some dust creating power bad contact, and this will make actuator weakness
Follow the actuator wires till the main source plug and disconnect and clean also
Check the rod may some bend or distortion make it stuck with panel, usually it happen if you receive a hit in this door
If all of this doesn't work replace the door actuator
Let me know,,


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