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Chrysler/Engine won't start


QUESTION: I just recently had the head redone on my 2000 Pt Cruiser 2.4 I made sure the crank shaft timing mark was lined up with the mark on the oil pump and that both camshaft gears were perfectly aligned by using a straight edge. Now when I try to start it, I get a kick against the starter like its out of time. I removed the timing chain cover to expose the cam shaft sprockets as well as the crank shaft (thinking that maybe it had jumped time) but everything was still perfectly aligned. Could it be my crank shaft pos censor?

Tell me first :
The crank is rotating or not?
Are you sure you don't enter changed the two gears , meaning install evry one in place of other?
The electric power is supplied correctly to evry components?
Have you the check engine goose on,
Waiting this informations to assist you,,
Thank you,,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: This is the second time I had it apart to replace a blown head gasket, and after I reassembled it the first time it ran fine after I found out I had the plug for the coil pack and cps reversed (no spark) I had to take it apart again as the head gasket was still leaking (warped head) Now that I have put it back together the second time, it doesn't start.  I laid out the cam shafts with all components on my work bench exactly how they were removed (in proper order, marked and so forth) I was being extremely careful not to mix up parts.
Crank shaft is turning, all electrical plugs in proper place

Have some checks for power, and control:
Turn the contact switch to ON position without start the engine, the power must be supplied to one of the two wires of alternator, one of of the tow wires of every injector, one wire of the coil (coils),and one wire of the PCM, all of them are supplied through the S/D relay at fuse box. Missing one of them will eliminate the start up.
If you found all, check the present of spark while cranking, if it's absent the problem is the coil or crank sensor or cam sensor or PCM itself, if you found the spark check the fuel pump pressure while cranking by hooking a gage at the terminal of enjector rail, if the pressure is absent check power at pump, it's supplied through relay at fuse box,
If all these checks passed, you have to use the DRB III fault set to judge the PCM situation,
I believe you have power or control problem not mechanical,
Please let me know,,


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