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Chrysler/Steering wheel very hard to move and loud whirring noise.


I noticed my steering wheel was becoming difficult to turn, so I put a bottle of fluid in. The next day it was empty, and a loud noise similar to a whirring sound is coming from the area near the steering wheel fluid resivoir and a belt. I can't drive the car at this point. Help!

You have an oil leak in somewhere of power steering system,
If your power steering pump ran a long time with missing the oil completely, almost it's damaged,
Now, do the followings :
Fill the reservoir with oil and run the car, while the engine is running recheck the oil level and add if needed,
While engine running rotate the steering and observe:
If smooth or hard  but you here noise, your pump is damaged
If it's hard and going smooth  when you hit the accelerator  and return hard again when you release but no noise, the pump is good but you have some air in the system must be bled
At all cases the leak point must be defined and corrected, almost these leaks are found on a broken hose or failure hose connection crimp ,
Let me know,,,, good luck  


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