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after installing starter  a circuit blew  I have certain things but others have no power charge to them   I have defrost fan, hazard lights, headlights,BUT WHAT I DON'T HAVE IS windshield wipers,radio and the fuel pump does not engage when I turn the ignition already have checked the amp fuses what I need to know is what will make the fuel puimp engage when I turn the ignition?

Hi Kelly
When the ignition switch is turned to on the ECU ( the car computer) activates the fuel pump for 2 seconds only and turns off it again, This action to pressurize the system with fuel waiting you to turn to start,
When you turn to start position the starter rotates the crank shaft, the crank shaft sensor is sensing now the rotation and sends a signal to ECU which activates the fuel pump again but continuously this time, the ECU will activates the fuel pump all times the crank shaft is rotating, and cut off when it not receive the crank shaft sensor signal if the crank shaft stopped or the sensor is damaged or its wires have a problem,
Chrysler factory usually mount another rotating sensor to monitor the came shaft rotation and sends a similar signal to the ECU, this sensor is the backup for the crank shaft sensor, which meaning the ECU will activate the fuel pump if receives the signal from one of them, this action to allow you drive the car to the technical help to know why the CHECK ENGIIN LIGHT goes on in you cluster. This backup sensor is not available on all brands and on all Chrysler models.
I hope this meets your requirements.
Thank you,,,  


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