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QUESTION: I have 03 t@c 3.8. 144,000 miles on it.   Check engine lite came on about 4days after Chrysler reman. pcm was installed by dealer.  Diagnosed as ASD overlay wire needed to be replaced due to corrosion.  The part # 4868408AD is called fuel rail wire.

Should I get another opinion?


ANSWER: what was the pcm replaced for in the first place?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Check engine light came on, on a Sunday.  Stopped at Advance Auto for diagnostic check.  They found codes P0301'0302'0303. Bought new coilpak and installed.  Later in day, it would not start.  Had veh towed to Chrysler dealer.  Next day when they check it, it started.  They diag it and found same codes as A A.  They suggested, it might need new pcm. We came home. Started fine for a week.  Then it stopped again.  After one and one half hour, it started.  Took it to my dealer, without shutting it off.  Shut ooff at dealer and filled out, I decided to try a restart, it did not start.  It took my dealer a week to determine pcm was problem.  Replaced pcm and within three days, C E lite on again supposedly this wire.
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mmm ID say the remain PCM installed is the issue  for 2 things  one it was not an issue before hand  and the ASD powers up a bunch of thing on that circuit  not just the pcm itself.  so Id say the PCM is not working right     they are not brand new  they are REMAIN  some one sits down and build them.


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