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Chrysler/No power to radio in Pacifica


Good day Sir!
I recently replaced the battery in my 2007 Pacifica
When I started the car, I no longer had power to the radio.
It's a factory system with a DVD player and 6 disc changer. These both have power that turns on and off with the radio power knob like normal.
The display for the radio remains blank when i turn the power on.

I've searched and found other people had the same problem but i haven't found a solution.
The fuse is fine.
Thanks so much for your time.

This system has a factory PIN CODE , when the power was disconnected it lost the programming , in normal case it remains connected to battery power as a pack up even you shut off .
In some cases manufacturer explain the reprogramming way in the user manual so the owner  can do it himself , in other cases the owner has to go to dealer to make this using the reprogramming SCAN TOOL , in this case don't forget to bring all documents and all keys and remotes to the dealer, although these documents will facilitate the matter you can go without it but the dealer will spend more time to identify your car.
Good luck,,  


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