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Chrysler/2000 Intrepid, Random Door Locks-Odometer Flashing-No A/C cooling-No engine cooling fans


QUESTION: 2000 Dodge Intrepid
57,000 Miles

Problem started 2 years ago, parked car in shade, north side of shop, cool and damp, 3 months later upon driving it, door locks randomly lock, un-lock, at any time, parked or driving, engine running or not, key in or out.

Odometer and trip meter flash unreadable and sometimes readable numbers, occasionally speedometer and tach needles will jerk around and sometimes sit at zero periodically.

Engine cooling fans do not operate, noticed this last summer when car was idling and over heated.(I tested fans by jumping relay terminal and fans operate).

I have a service manual and have spent many hours meticulously testing grounds, corroded/misaligned connections, faulty/bad wiring.

I removed ECU and was going to send it in for a core and get a used one but I am not satisfied 100% yet that that is the problem. I need to be sure..

I also removed the back cover of the ECU and noticed their is a small (1/4") tear in the sealing material, and at that area, the circuit board looks to be darkened or slightly chard.(possibly moisture/condensation entered will being parked, not sure, but assume it is likely.

I would appreciate any other help you can give me, the only alternative is to jump the cooling fans to operate and drive 30 miles to a repair shop and have the ECU tested, unless it can be tested out of the vehicle.


ANSWER: First let me know what changing after replacing the ECU, is the problems are still existing,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I Did Not yet change the ECU, only took it out (as in paragraph 5)was going to send for a used one but not sure yet if it is the problem.
As of today, I re-installed the original ECU, and of course, problem still exists.

All that are related to your stock ECU, it has an intermitted bad connection internally , it must be replaced, the new one need to be reprogrammed using the DRB III tool at dealer because the car pin code and mileage must be entered as a part of reprogramming , I don't recommend to install an used one , this will creat some trouble  codes on your check engine lights,
Good luck,,


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