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Chrysler/bright lights emergency flashers


QUESTION: I have a 2005 dodge stratus. The flashers and bright lights stoped working. I changed the relay in the steering column and replaced the fuses. The flashers work except the right rear. I replaced the bulb and it still does not work. I turn the brights on, the indicator light shows they are on but they are not. Checked all fuses, also the ones  under the hood. I am lost. Thank you for any help. Electrical stuff on cars is the one thing I am not very good at. Randy

ANSWER: Would you tell me what you are meaning with BRIGHTS,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

am talking about my bright head lights.

No relation between the flasher and head light,
For the right rear : it is supplied in parallel with right front fuse, so you have bad socket or open wire for the right rear bulb
For head light : this problem is related to head light switch or its wiring or socket,  because the high and low beams not go on,  some time this can be happen after washing the car interior , or may related to bad Body Control Module, (BCM)
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