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Chrysler/98 Concorde stall problem


Hi Roland,
My 98 Concorde 3.2L stalls while driving (both freeway and city driving).   It might restart right away (while still coasting to a stop) or take minutes, but has always restarted.  It may stay running for seconds, minutes or hours.  It stalled four times in a 10 minute period, eventually restarting each time.  I towed it to a dealer, they started it normally, said they couldnít look at it for two days so I drove it (with many prayers) 75 miles back home with not problems.  Dealer said it might be a Powertrain Control Module and said it might not be available  (they are).  Once the car starts, it runs great, no rough idle, no power loss, perfect until it stall again.  Tack goes to 0 RPM immediately once power is lost but still in drive and when coasting to a stop, so there might be an electrical component to this problem, (as the engine is still turning over).  Where should I start?  Throttle Body Sensor, Intake Air Control Sensor or could I have the PCM going out on an intermittent basis?
As always, your advice is always appreciated.  Thanks.  Russell

Hi Russell,
Did you try for fault codes with the ignition switch? "On-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see if the mileage reading changes to show a 4-digit number preceded by a P. Let me know if so.
Other than that, if there are no codes with a stalling problem, my suspicion would be the exhaust gas recirculation valve is hanging up slightly ajar due to a build-up of crud on the valve stem. Particularly this would be true if it happens when slowing down or slightly accelerating, when the valve is supposed to close tightly. If it doesn't close then the mixture is too lean. It may be possible to remedy/improve the egr valve stem action by the use of WD-40.
So let me know what you find.
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