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Chrysler/My 99 Chrysler 300m fuel injectors


Do you think that the fuel injectors for 2000 Chrysler 300 m would fit my 99 Chrysler 300 m ?
The story is this:
I bought 6 fuel injectors to replace my bad stock for my 99 300 m car,
I discovered they have part number 04591658AA, but my stock have part number 04591308,
When I checked the comparablity chart on I found the new injectors (I bought) fit 2000, 300 m and up, and 99 300 m is not mentioned ,
I compared between my stock and the new I found they are identical , the same size, diameter, O ring size, and the same connector even I measure the resistance by ohmmeter it's the same value,
Do you think the new injectors will work normally or not ?
Please advice,,
Thank you

No, this injecto would not fit your car, Chrysler use it starting from year 2000,
Your stock injector has more flow rate than this one because your pump adjusted to obtain 49PSI only,
In 2000 and up Chrysler raise the fuel pump pressure to 59PSI, so they use this low flow rate injector,
If you install it in your car the engine performance will be decreased specially at high RPM,
may be you will ask me why Chrysler made this modification , the answer is easy, they use higher pressure with lower injector flow rate to guarant a god fuel spray at injector nozzle ,,
Thank you,,


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