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Chrysler/Power Steering leak


I have a leak in my power steering close to the P/S fluid reservoir in a 1988 Lebaron convertible with a 2.5 aspirated engine.
The leak appears to close to the reservoir, if not the holding tank itself..
Do you have any hints or instructions as to how to easily remove the reservoir and for the lines from the power steering pump.

Before guessing about the reservoir it self, you must check the two lines of the reservoir,
Simply empty the reservoir from the oil using thin hose and squirt , then release the two hoses clamps and check the houses ends,
The hose with cracked or dry hard end should be replaced, if this hose has some extra length cut off small piece from the end and reuse the fresh end with tha clamps,
Most likely this leak is coming from dry hard or cracked hose end,,
Good luck and let me know,,


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