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Chrysler Repair/2001 PT Cruiser "whining" noise from power steering


cutlass 442 wrote at 2010-02-10 01:27:28
just found a 01 pt that had a p/s issue. the filter was clogged int he p/s resivoir. it was causing the p/s system to suck air on the supply side of the pump. you might try a new resivoir the car had 73000mi approx.

jaxsaxes wrote at 2011-04-09 17:10:59
had the sameproblem with power steering pump noise just take out some fluid from pump and add half can of Lucas oil power steering

additive your noise problem will go away noise is caused by air in the system

second issue with oil consumption it is most probably the "cam sensor" I replaced mine and problem resolved

stancil west wrote at 2014-01-20 00:25:53
if the power steering is whining, first take a sharp knife and slice the screen filter in the resavoir, two to one it will stop the noise, thenyou can replace the resavoir, or take the filter out with a pair of forceps and install an inline filter. It just worked for me after a new pump and rack and pinion that I did'nt need

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