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Chrysler Repair/91 voyager won't start, then motor shakes


QUESTION: I have a 91 Plymouth voyager, drove it home with no problem, parked it and about 10 minutes later went out, and it wouldnt start, got it running for about 10 seconds and the motor was shaking very badly. turned it off then cant get it to restart. any Info would be great. It is a v6.

Two things to try:
1. Fault code readout: turn key on-off-on-off-on and leave on, doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the check engine light, which remains 'on' to see it begin to flash, pause, flash, etc. Count the number of flaashes before each pause. Then repeat so as to be sure of an accurate set of flash counts. Tell the counts in order of appearance. Only if you get anything other that 1-2-5-5 would be relevant, otherwise not.
2. Check the exhaust gas recirculation valve (egr) for possibly being stuck slightly ajar. That, if the case would cause a no start also. It is located at the rear of the engine, on the back corner up high where it is sttached to the intake manifold. It is directly underneath a round object which has a vacuum hose attached to it and one of that object's  other hoses goes to the egr valve directly below it. The egr itself is mounted horizontally and has a round top with that vacuum hose attached, a metal body of the valve proper which has a small pipe from the rear exhaust manifold that runs to it, and finally between the metal valve body and the round top is a metal flange. If you look carefully at the flange area you will see a horizontal rod that connects the valve body to the round top. That rod is the valve stem and it has a circumferential slot into which you can insert the tip of a screwdriver. If you then move the rod back and forth you will notice that spring-action operates in one direction and that is trying to close the valve. Exhaust crud builds up inside the valve body and can prevent the spring from closing the valve all the way.
So take some WD-40 or similar spray solvent/lubricant and apply it to the valve stem directly at the point where it enters the body of valve. Then move it again back and forth with the tip of a screwdriver to make sure that it is closing to a dead stop. Then try to start the engine and see if that has solved the problem. Many times a scenario like you describe is due to what I have described exactly.
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QUESTION: Hello, the codes are 1,2,5,5, so Im thinking that isnt it, Sprayed wd40 on the egr valve, it is free, and still nothing, it is getting spark, pulled it and checked, Im pretty sure it isnt getting gas, What could go out that quick and cause this?

Hi Rob,
You should hear the fuel pump run for about a second when you turn the key to 'run'. Then it will start again when you begin cranking it over but it might be hard to hear unless your were outside near the tank. Let me know if that pump doesn't hum and I can tell you its wiring along with its relay that actuates it. You can of course check the fuel pressure with a pressure gauge at tap that is usually found on the fuel rail. All the main power lines from the battery are via fusible links nearby and you can pull on those to see if blown. I won't be available tomorrow so let me know today or Monday what is going on.

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