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Chrysler Repair/'96 Cirrus V6...Cuts off after seconds/VTSS disarming


QUESTION: Hello Roland I have the car above and at first there was no spark, I replaced wires, still no spark, I checked the crank sensor, and it was bad,I replaced it, still no spark, bought cap and rotor;no spark, replaced distributor b/c coil pack primary resistance was at 1.2 ohms specs:.6-.8. so I bought the hole thing. Still  no spark finnally we bought the ECC at the junk yard and hey IT STARTS BUT... it turned right off after about 3-5 sec. It seems like it cuts off. It gives me the 12 and 55 code. I hope you could help me out thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Bryan,
That cut off after a few seconds has the characteristics of the anti-theft system not being disarmed. Check that fuse #5 in the left end of dash fuse box is OK (that is the Ignition Off Draw fuse that runs the cabin lights and the theft system) and then try to lock/unlock the passenger door using the door key and then see if it will start and run. If not do the same with the driver door key lock. If neither corrects it, then I will tell you how to do a jump to a pin in the body control module that replicates the door lock/unlock action.
It may be that the wires from the door lock switches are fatigued at the hinges. If this proves to be the case you can either repair the wires or just avoid using the anti-lock system by only using the mechanical door lock buttons when securing the vehicle in the future.
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QUESTION: Hi Roland, thanks for responding to my question. I did what you asked me to, with no luck still starts but turns off after 3 sec. I checked the spark on cyl 6 and theres spark till it dies. So im guessing the fuel is cutting off while there is still spark. You have the description on how to jump the BCM? I would really appreciate your help thank you verry much.

Hi Bryan,
I hope that I'm not getting ahead of the process of evaluation by focusing immediately on the possibility that the system is still armed. There is an alarm system function light on the instrument cluster that indicates the status of it. Do you know that light and what is it doing? Solid 'on' indicates that it is indeed 'armed'.
If we assume that the system has been alarmed and not cancelled, then the start followed closely in time by a shut down of exactly the same duration then that is symptomatic of the vtss being still armed. To disarm you need two resistors, a 620 ohm and 2700 ohm. If you can't get exactly those values then get ones that are as near to those as possible. To simulate locking the door you jump one end of the resistor to an 12v source (for example fuse 5 in the fuse box that I mentioned earlier will always have 12v). And then you touch the other end of the resistor to a wire at one of the specified plug/pins at the BCM. If you push the resistor into the hole where the wire enters the plug that will typically make contact with the wire or you can put a pin through the wire insulation and then touch the resistor to the pin.
So to simulate locking of either door to arm the system use the 620 ohm resistor and touch it to the light green/orange wire at pin 19 of the 20-pin black plug of the BCM (there two black plugs, one 20-pin and one 14-pin and a third plug that is white). Then to simulate unlocking the door use the same jumper from the fuse 5 and instead use a 2700 ohm resistor and touch the same wire at the plug. That will simulate the disarming of the system.
Then try and start the engine. Pin 19 is for the wire from the driver door lock, and pin 20 wire (dark green/orange) is from the passenger door, You can use either of those pins/wires to try and arm/disarm the system.
There is also a self-diagnostic you can run on the entire system to help identify any other malfunctioning part so is this doesn't work I will tell you how to do that.
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PS It you need to know how to get under the dash to reach the BCM plug in question let me know.
Also, the shut down is accomplished by turning off the power to the fuel pump and the spark coil but the perception that the spark dies last is probably erroneous.

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