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Chrysler Repair/No spark, No fuel, No codes; 93 voyager


QUESTION: I am having  the same symptom described in a 2006 post.
1993 voyager with a 2.5
Car started and ran for 3 to 5 sec and died with a little puff of white smoke coming out the driver side of the hood.
Since the car has 265k on it I started with the basics, it needed a cap, rotor, plugs and timing belt. after all that still would not start. Added the dist module/pickup coil, still nothing.
Cant find any fusible links and still no power to coil or dist.


ANSWER: Hi Douglas,
A 'puff of white smoke' may very likely be a fusible link. There are many fusible links in that vehicle. Do you mean you couldn't find them, or you did and that none are blown?
I have the wiring diagrams so we should be able to resolve this. The power to the distributor is 9v on an orange wire that comes from pin 7 of the pcm, if that is what you are looking for in terms of 'power' to the distributor. That is needed for the hall-effect pick-up sensor, and so if that is not available then you won't get a sensor output to the powertrain either so that would mean that the asd relay would not close and so there would be no power to the coil or the fuel pump either (except the fuel pump should run for a second or so when you turn the key to the 'run' position). But until you get 9v to the sensor in the distributor the engine has no chance of starting/running. Let me know where you stand with checking the fusible links.
By "no codes" do you have a working check engine light, and if so do you at least get 10 flashes (5 pause 5) when you do the key on-off-on-off-on in 5 seconds or less?
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QUESTION: I only found one fusible link off the battery and it had current.
If there are others I would like to know where they they are. So I could not find all of them. All the fuses are OK.
And as far as the 9v to the dist I already replaced the ECC.
I also have no way to check the codes on this  car as I don't have an OBD1 reader, or where the plug is. I'll get a code reader if it will help.
And exactly where is the ASD relay? I would love to read it out for power
And thank you for your assistance it is most appreciated!

ANSWER: Hi Douglas,
The code readout with the ignition key is:"on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the check engine light, which remains 'on', to see it begin to flash, pause, flash, etc. Count the number of flashes before each pause. Then repeat the process for an accurate count. Then tell me the counts in the order of appearance. The last two sets should be 5 in each.
The ASD relay is the fourth counting from the front mounted on the left inner fender.
Red/white to dark green/orange jump will do the same as closing of the relay points.
The fusible links branch off the black wire on the + post of the battery. First there is a red, then a red and gray at a splice and that red splices to two oranges and a white. Further along the black wire there is a gray fusible. The fusibles then feed fuses.
Do you have a voltmeter?
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QUESTION: Yes I have a volt meter and the check engine does not flash it comes on for a split second when the key is turned to on then goes out and stays out even with key on.
So I guess Ill look at the links I found them with your direction.
I checked the voltage at the distributor again,dint strip off the covering to see the color but there is 2.7 volts on one lead .01 on another and 0.00 on the third. so were not getting the needed power to the system to activate it.
do you know which link powers that?

Hi Douglas,
The power for the distributor comes from the PCM and that has two voltage sources:
the white fusible link powered by the red fusible should show 12v all the time and via a red/white wire at pin 3 of the pcm plug, and the grey fusible (the one that is spliced with the red fusible)feeds the ignition switch which sends power to the white wire at pin 8 of the pcm in the run position of the key.
The sensor in the distributor should show 9V on the orange wire, continuity on the black/light blue to pin 24 of the pcm(sensor ground reference), and the rotational signal on the gray/black wire should oscillate between 5 and 0.3v when you turn the engine over by hand with the key in the run position as measured between the gray/black and the black/light blue.

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