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am sorry if i seemed short about heat on 1999 cirrus   but have tried everything i know and everything others told me then got on here and all i could get was repeat things i said i already did
but thanks for the last honest answer
i just hope u wasnt being smart because of how i asked my question   sorry if i offended u
but thanks for answer

U must think that everyone on here talk to each other or something liek that   I have no idea what u are talking about as far as a first question or what ever like that   this is the first time I have talked to u about ne thing about your car   as as far as what stuff u have done or not some  that I have no idea about  I asked u to use a digital thermometer gun  infra red  and measure the temp of the hoses   what are they?  if U cant answers or give back correct feed back then I nor any one else online cant help u sorry.  my crystal ball is broke u can s=not see what the car is doing I haft to reply on u for answers and I must ask questions to see what I know in my 15 years working on Chrysler in order to help.   PS  I also dont get paid or anything for this   all 60,000 questions I have answered on this site is all by my own doing and free will.

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15 years working at a Chrysler Dodge and Jeep dealer 2 year associates degree for Chrysler CAP

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