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QUESTION: My 2003 dodge grand caravan just seems to be shutting off when I come to a stop

Try turning the ignition switch: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window of the cluster to the mileage reading disappear and be replaced by either the work 'done' or by a 4-digit fault code number. If you get such a number let me know what it is.
If there is no number I would believe that the exhaust gas recirculation (egr) valve is sticking slightly ajar when you come to stop, which then kills the idle for being too lean. Here is what to do if there is no code:
The egr valve is located in a narrow diameter exhaust pipe that branches off the front exhaust manifold and is routed toward the rear of the engine, mounted sideways and under the throttle body. Once you find the valve notice that it has a round vacuum hose-operated top piece. the valve body proper which is connected to the exhaust pipe. and a flange between those two parts inside of which is hidden a rod which is the valve stem. The stem has a circumferential slot into which the tip of a screwdriver can be inserted to move the stem back and forth. You will notice spring-action in one direction which closes the valve.
What generally causes the stall is that exhaust fumes make the stem sticky such that it won't close tightly. What you need to do is spray some WD-40 on the stem where enters the valve body so as to free-up the 'action'. Move the stem back and forth after spraying it so that the spring action now closes the valve to a dead stop.
You will find the engine accelerates better and slows down to idle when you come to a stop better.
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QUESTION: The code that comes up is p0320 do you know where the crank sensor is located if that is what this code refers too thank you

The 0320 does say that sensor's signal is not present and that would cause either a no start or an intermittent running engine because the sensor is flakey.
There are 4 possible engines but I will assume you have the 3.3 or 3.8L. Let me know if that is not the case.
On those 2 engines the crank sensor is at the rear of the engine on the right side (the side toward the firewall). It is mounted at the seam between the engine and transmission, just above the transmission differential case surface (flat surface with checkerboard ribs). It is held in place by a bolt. It has a 3-wire plug (brown/pink, brown/light blue, dark blue/dark green). Remove the bolt and pull it out. The tip of it is in contact with the surface of the trans flex plate hidden inside. The new one should come with a paper spacer on its tip. When you install it make sure the paper covered tip is in contact with the hidden flex plate surface, then tighten the bolt to hold it in that position. When the engine rotates it wears away the paper spacer and thus leaves the tip very close to but not touching the surface of the flex plate.
That should resolve the problems you have described to me.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland  I replaced the sensor on my car and I'm still having issues now the code p1389 comes up and yes its a 3.8hoping you can help

Hi Al,
The 1389 code says that although the auto shut down relay is energized (which it must be for spark and fuel supply) that the current out of the relay is not getting seen by the engine control module. This could either be due to fuse #16 having a crack in its wire which is making it work sometime and sometimes not, or the ASD relay itself could have faulty contact points, or finally that the connection from the relay output to the module is flakey.
So take a look at fuse 16 closely for a crack or replace it (25 amp), try switching the ASD relay with another relay that has the same part number but isn't critical to operation and see if that solves the problem like the A.C. clutch relay (and then if so replace the ASD relay), or finally measure the resistance between the rear inboard pin socket of the relay socket and pin 6 of the plug at the module to make sure it is connected (less than 5 ohm resistance).
This code may explain why the engine was dying earlier.
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