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Chrysler Repair/1995 3.5 L missing cutting out code 43


QUESTION: I have a 95 Eagle Vision 3.5 the car idles fine when you accelerate the car misses when you get to speed it will cut out a lot the cruise light will flash and when the check engine light came on it would also flash in time with the cutout the tach jumps wildly I have already replaced the coil pack

ANSWER: Hi Mike,
I assume that you erased the code after replacing the coil pack but nonetheless it came back, correct?
So with the pack replaced the other possible cause of a code 43 which points to a problem with the primary winding circuit of one or more of the spark plugs coils is that there is an issue with the wiring between the powertrain control module and spark pack. There are three such circuits, one for each of a pair of cylinders. I would use an ohmmeter to check the resistances of the three circuits and also check that none show a short to ground. The circuits are on pin 17 (white), 18 (red), and 19 (black) of the powertrain control module. So measure the resistance between each of those pcm plug pins and the plug pins at the coil pack. Shake the harness as you measure, and also verify none are shown as a dead short to ground. You could also check the primary winding resistance between the three coil pack sockets and the metal grounding point of the pack which should show 0.45 to 0.65 ohms. Ideally you will find an issue with one of the tree primary circuits that can be repaired,
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QUESTION: Hi Roland I checked out the wires 17/18/19 all are good all the way to the coil pack none of them are grounded out I tested the primary and I get 1.1 to 1.3 ohms and 13000 on the secondary I am starting to think it could be the pcm because of erratic tach  needle and the cruise light flashing it idles fine it only acts up on acceleration between 1000 and 2000 rpm then it gets a little better thanks Mike

Hi Mike,
I would agree that the pcm could be the fault. But you didn't mention whether you had erased the code 43 by disconnecting the battery for a minute and then reconnecting it and then driving it long enough to exhibit the same behavior and then checking for the fresh fault codes. If you did that and you still get a 43 then the pcm is about the last possibility. You might try switching the ASD relay with a different relay with the same part number as that is also involved in the circuit.
If you don't get a new 43 code then I can think of another cause for missing during acceleration if in fact you don't have a new 43 or other new code.  
By the way you will always get a 12 code as the result of disconnecting the battery.
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