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Chrysler Repair/No backup lights: '06 T & C


QUESTION: Hello Roland,
Just upgraded to a newer vehicle. 2006 Chrysler T & C Touring.3.8 engine Engine code L.
Last night I touched wires together for my backup lights. Now they do not work. Fuses all look good. Swapped some around no difference. Is there any other fuses other than the box under the hood ? I know the source comes from the BCM. White and green tracer.
Also on my electronic mileage computer above windshield does not show temperature and direction.
Any other possibles to check.
Also, do you know how to set the headlamps to the running mode, on all the time. The manual is quite confusing.

Thanks for your time,

ANSWER: Hi Gary,
Check fuses 19 and 24. Fuse 24 is between the accessory relay and the starter motor relay, and fuse 19 is separated by one fuse from 24. 19 is 40 amp. 24 is 20 amp. The only other bcm fuse is 14 and that is for ignition 'off' functions and it is in the front inboard corner. It would seem to me that one of those fuses is blown. There is no other possibility save for the backup lamp switch which I can tell you about. Were they working before the 'touch' incident?
Does the mileage computer show its other functions?
The headlamp system is complex. It would be useful for me to copy a few pages from the shop manual and attach those to an email so you can compare the description with what your owner's manual shows. Also the headlamp switch is complex and is based upon very specific resistance value in the switch to report the settings of it to the bcm. So checking out the switch may be needed.
Tell me your email address if you want those pages. But don't use the @ symbol, instead use 'at'.
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QUESTION: Hello Roland,
Yes, the backup lights worked before. The mileage computer has all functions except, temp and direction. I am sure they both worked before.
Everything else works fine.
As for fuses,I swapped other 40 amp fuses, no different.
Main thing I need to know, is the backup lights protected by a fuse before it goes to the BCM and then to the backup lights ?


ANSWER: Hi Gary,
Did the temp and direction function go bad when the back-up light went bad? Let us address this issue after the back up lights are resolved, in any case. I like to solve one problem at a time. The overhead unit is a complex issue by itself.
The back up lights, it appears to me, are initiated via the position of the transmission range sensor located inside the trans. It depends upon the positioning of the vertical rod that is operated by a cable from the gear shift lever. When the trans range sensor notices you have selected reverse that info is sent to the trans control module and from there to the bcm, all via digital communication. So I don't see another fuse to be involved. What is the history of this situation? Why were you dealing with the wires at the rear lamp assembly? You could check for voltage at the bcm plug 2 (black exterior/green interior) pin 9 to see if it is showing 12v or not when you have the ignition on and the trans in reverse. That way you can find out if it is wire opens, or the trans range sensor/tcm/bcm pathway.
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QUESTION: Hello Roland,
Just to follow up. I could not figure that this circuit would not be protected.I pulled the IOD fuse and put back in. It reset, my backup lights work now !!!

Thanks for all your help !!

Gary McClaren

Thanks for that information, Gary. The internal details of all the IOD #14 fuse's wiring/function is not shown in the wiring diagrams of the bcm so it is apparently tied into the back-up lamp circuit also, but I can't understand why simply taking it out and putting it back in would solve the problem. None the less I am pleased you have the lights again.
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