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Chrysler Repair/P0140, P0733, P1698, P0720 and P0700 codes coming from 1997 Chryslet town and country


I am getting the following codes from my 1997 Chrysler Town and country minivan.  It has 158,000 miles.  

Codes are:  P0140, P0733, P1698, P0720 and P0700

Any help on these codes.  Is it worth it to fix it or is this really transmission issue or sensors causing this transmisiion to act like..   Looks like van is going in limp mode.  Can I drive or not.   Thanks a lot for your advise and help

Hi Rao.
The codes 0700. 0720, 0733, 1698 are related to the transmission. It is possible that one simple repair will solve the problem: change the output speed sensor which screws into the side of the transmission at the very rear of it (the side which faces the front of the vehicle). That could be responsible for the limp in mode you experience. You can do that yourself. There are two such sensor, one near the engine (the input sensor) and the at the rear end of the trans so change out the rear one.
The 1698 says that the digital communication circuit from the transmission was missing at some point, so take a look at the wire harnesses that go to the plugs on the transmission to see if there are any damaged wires. Particularly examine the harness that goes to the output speed sensor as if that were damaged that might explain the problem rather that the sensor itself being faulty.
The 0140 says the oxygen sensor on the exhaust pipe that is attached to the manifold on the side of the engine close to the firewall is not working. It is downstream from the catalytic converter. It has fragile wires and one of those could be damaged. The engine runs better if both sensors on each of the exhaust pipes are working and the pollution is less.
The parts are $100 or less for each of the items and would be quick to install with very low labor charge if you don't want to do it yourself.
Those two repairs are worth doing to see what is improved by them. You can briefly disconnect the battery to erase the codes (except that a 1684 code will be newly set which tells you that the battery was disconnected). Then you can drive it again and see if any codes return and whether the limp in mode is solved. It won't hurt to drive it, but running in second gear is going to waste fuel and could over-rev the engine in the long run.
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