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I have a 2008 Sebring convertible 2.4l 4 cyl and it has an engine code of p0017. It also dies when cold and will sometimes be limited to ~4000 rpms. I was told that it is probably the crankshaft sensor but I can't seem to see where it is located. I hope you can tell me where it is.
Any others ideas?

ANSWER: Hi Brian,
Are you sure the code is 0017 as I don't find that code in my '06 manual? Might it be 0117 which is about the coolant temp sensor being too low in it voltage reading (could be the sensor or its signal wire being shorted to ground).
The crankshaft position sensor on the 2.4L engine is hidden under the starter motor at the front of the engine. To reach it you remove the air cleaner box and then the starter. Then you will see it, held in place by a single bolt and with am electrical connector attached to it. Install is the reverse of removal process.
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QUESTION: Hello Roland
Yes the code was P0017 - Crankshaft-Camshaft Timing Misalignment Bank 1 Sensor 2. I had to have an auto parts place read it out for me. The sensor does look easy to change. It sounds like getting to it will be the bear!

Hi Brian,
In light of that code (which is also shown for 0016 by the way) my first inclination would be to check the timing marks comparing the crank position and the cam shaft position marks. You would need to remove the front top timing belt cover. To see the crank timing mark might require that you remove a lot of parts to get that in view, so my inclination would be to probe into the #1 spark plug hole and rotate the engine until the probe is raised by the piston to just as high as it can. If there is a discrepency then you would need to reset the timing belt.
If there does not appear to be a discrepancy then the problem could be either the cam or the crank sensor, and you might do well to keep checking for an 0320 or 0340 which are codes for the crank and cam sensors respectively.

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