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Chrysler Repair/'95 Sebring coupe: charging circuit code 41.


Sebring 95 Charging diagram
Sebring 95 Charging di  
QUESTION: Hello Mr. Finston,

Chrysler Sebring 1995 coupe LX 2.0 liters manual transmission.

The car was parked for about 2 months without running. The alternator seized, preventing the car from starting.

I had the alternator rebuilt. Now the battery warning light comes on after driving a few minutes or just by revving the engine above 3000 RPM. I get a code 41 (12,41,55).

If I let the car idle, even for an hour, I don't get the battery warning light. I measured 12.8 volts with the key off and 14.4 volts stable at battery with engine running even at high RPMs.

I also had the starter rebuilt since the cable going to the solenoid broke.

Belt is tight with about 1/2 inch play when pressing hard in the middle of the belt.

I don't see any corrosion at the PCM terminals. Battery terminals are clean and main grounds too.  

There is a faint high pitch noise coming from the PCM and ASD relay (second relay from left side). It takes about 30 seconds after the car is turned off for the ASD relay to turn off and then the PCM noise also stops. I understand this is normal?

I took the alternator back to the rebuilder to have it benched again and it tested good.  

I tried a different battery with the same warning light.

On the attached schematic I see that pin 4 of the power train module controls the pulsated ground to the field coil. Is it possible that the transistor is shorted and it will not open the circuit thus keeping the alternator on all the time and that would explain the warning light at high rpm's ?

Would you have step by step instructions on how to trouble shoot this type of problem ?

Would you have a full electrical schematic of the PCM ?

Are these pcms gel sealed or can they be opened to repair them at component level ?

Any other pointers on how to diagnose the problem would be helpful.

Thank you so much for your help Mr. Finston.


The 41 code points to the field coil circuit not behaving properly. I have the '95 manual and there are 14 pages about the alternator and troubleshooting it. I can photocopy and send these to you. Just tell me your postal mailing address. It would cost me about $2.20 to do that so if you would mail me back 5 postage stamps that would cover it, after you receive the pages.
In the meantime all I can suggest is to check the field coil grounding wire to the pcm and the + wire to the other end of the field coil.
Please read the PS below and respond to it.

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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Finston.

Both wires are good since I see 14.4 volts at battery when engine is running and 12.8 volts with key off.

Please mail me the 1995 manual 15 pages about troubleshooting the alternator to 33 Rue Prefontaine, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada, J8C1C2.

I will return to you the stamps or I can pay you via PayPal.

Thank you very much for your help.

I copied and mailed the 14 pages. The total coat including postage is $2.50.  If you want to do paypal my account or mail it to me at the address shown on the envelope. Thanks for the rating and nomination, which you can do again if you choose.

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