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Chrysler Repair/98 T&C Flashing lights


QUESTION: After Battery Cable repair...

Had flashing lights on AC/Heater controls.
When I do the calibration test the top two lights on the left continue to flash after the cycle?
Does this imply something failed the calibration, & if so what now.

ANSWER: Hi Charlie,
Do the calibration test again, then observe the top light (rear wiper switch( and the light below it (intermittent rear wiper switch) when the calibration test is done. Tell me exactly what all lights are doing.  
To do the calibration test:
set blower on high, set mode to panel, open all A/C outlets, set temperature to cold (both slides if dual), depress wash and rear wiper simultaneously for 5 seconds, then release.

If the result is that both the rear wipe and intermittent lights flash simultaneously, then press the wash button and observe exactly how those same lights sequentially flash. Then press wash again and observe light flashings. Then press wash again...,then again..., then again....
I need to know all the flashing of the two lights as you go through 5 pushing of the wash button. So count the flashings of both buttons as you cycle through.
By the way, what seems to be wrong with your HVAC system??
Please read the PS below and respond to it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well, to answer your question first - I don't think I have any problems with the HVAC - it heats and it cools.

When I had a shop replace the battery cable (totally dead/would not crank or jump) I picked it up and noticed the flashing lights.

Today I again as you suggested did the calibration test and it took much longer this time (colder day?)

It also yielded a different result - today the Rear Wiper and Rear Intermittent were both flashing alternately 1-5.

Here is the cycle as I pushed the Rear Washer button, waited fro result and then pushed it again... (indicating the Rear Wiper light and then the Rear Intermittent light) [as best I could - there should be  awarring that this might make you see flashing light - Ha!]

After cycle finishes

First time

Second time
  1-2-3 alternately, while

Third time
  4 then 6

Fourth time

Fifth time

Also, someone suggested pulling the fuse to reset it?

Hi Charlie,
The one item that clearly is being coded for is the evaporator probe which is a temp sensor in the HVAC housing that is positioned in the fins of the evaporator (the place where the refrigerant expands and thus gets cold, the air flows over the evaporator to be cooled down. The 1-5 and 4-6 code is saying that the probe is electrically 'open' or 'shorted'. It is possibly unplugged and if not that then defective. The purpose of the probe is to prevent the evaporator from becoming 'iced up' with condensation in humid weather. Check at the dealer for the cost, then decide if you want to replace it.
You can access it by removing the glove box  (open door, release check strap, further open door and remove hooks holding door to box, then remove box). The probe is held in position by an elongated vertical rubber grommet pad with the wire going through the pad. There is a connector on the wire which you might notice as to whether it has been disconnected, and if not then presumably you need to replace the probe. Notice that there are three holes provided to insert the probe into. Use the upper hole for placing the new probe.
I can't for certain ID any other specific issue so ideally replacing the probe and then running the test again will result in no more flashing. Let me know how it works out.
I don't know about pulling a fuse out but fuse 6 gets power only when you try the start or the run position, so try it when the engine is running. It also powers the body control module and the transmission control module so you might just remove it briefly as a test of that theory if the lights still flash.
Thanks for the nomination, which you can do again if you care to.

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