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Chrysler Repair/defroster will not blow out top:.'04 Pacifica


QUESTION: I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica that when I turn on the heater and try to switch and turn on defroster too nothing comes out of the top. I have checked the one actuator motor that is supposed to work it and it is fine. There are 2 more but I do not know what they do. I do not know if the front controls are the problem or what. Please let me know what you think. I teach preschool and am so proud to be able to purchase this vehicle after dealing with a 1990 vehicle that like me is showing it's age. Thank you. Oh yes my husband did manage to manually after removing the actuator got it to come out of top and floor. So there is still always one place it will not blow. Thank you again.

ANSWER: Hi Trudy,
I don't understand what you mean that the actuator motor is 'fine'. When you change your choice for mode of air delivery do you see the actuator move? If so, then indeed the actuator is functioning. If it properly 'keyed' into the mode door then the door should move. Did your husband feel that door 'action', was it moving back and forth with ease? The mode actuator is the upper forward actuator of the three. The other two are temperature control actuators. All the actuators are interchangeable by the way.
You might try to 'calibrate' the system, I'll assume this is an automatic temp control type:
With the key in the 'run' position, simultaneously press and hold the power and recirculation buttons for 5 seconds. The Delay and Recirculation graphics should start flashing. Release the buttons. After about 20 seconds the flashing should stop. If not, then there is a problem detected and the best thing would be to get a fault code readout of the memory of the body control module to get a 4-digit fault code number which will ideally point to the cause. Sometime a nationwide auto parts store, such as Autozone, will do a readout for free. An independent shop may charge around $40. Let me know the number and we can go from there.
When you ask for defrost, the A.C compressor should come on and cold air should come out on the windshield. So verify whether that is happening. It could be that the A.C, is low on refrigerant.
That is what I would try based upon what I understand to be the situation. If you would explain to me what the actuator appears to do when you ask for different distributions of the air that may be helpful to know.
Please read the PS below and respond to it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We did the calibration but nothing ever flashed. My son tried to calibrate it too. The a.c. compressor is doing fine. Thank you. We interchanged the actuators and the one on the top which my husband knew what it was worked. I will see if Autozone will do the diagnostic test. Thank you. Oh and yes the door did work.

Hi Trudy,
Maybe you have the manual temp control type in which case you should simultaneously press and hold the power and recirculation buttons for 5 seconds until the power and recirculation LED's start to flash. The release the buttons and wait for 2 minutes for the calibration to be complete. Be sure to press the buttons simultaneously to start the process and hold long enough for the flashing to start. If the door works and the blower motor works then about the only reason I can imagine for no air on the windshield is that the duct is disconnected, but you say that your husband got it to work by manually moving the door. Are you sure that the actuator keyed to the door properly? You might try switching out the actuator.

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