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Chrysler Repair/Starting problems on 2000 Chrysler 300M


QUESTION: I have 2000 Chrysler 300M that has been not starting on most of the cold mornings.  It will just make a click sound and then nothing.  Sometimes, after trying a few to several times in succession to turn it over, it will start to turn over and will start (this is not the case all the time though).  We took it to the local parts store and had them check the battery and alternator to which both of the tests turned out ok although they said the battery was running at about 80%. Don't have a lot of money to just start replacing things to narrow it down, hoping you could tell me what might be wrong to give me a starting place?

ANSWER: Hi Jennifer,
If you get the loud click sound then that means everything is ready to turnover the starter motor but the starter motor is not responding. That has to be the battery, the battery wire to the starter, OR the starter motor itself. The battery sounds to be OK.  One of you might be able to tap on the side of the starter motor with a hammer while the other tries the key to see if the starter then works. If so, then that suggests the internal contacts between the motor brushes and armature of the motor are not making good contact which means the starter needs to be rebuilt. If costs around $100 to get it rebuilt at a starter/generator rebuilding shop. But that is if you remove it yourself and put it back in. If you want the details about doing than let me know your email address and I'll send the page that describes doing that. That may be the best approach after you verify the fat red wire from the battery to the starter is shiny and not corroded. But don't touch that wire unless you first remove the - post remote battery wire connection at the strut tower on the right side of the engine compartment at the rear.
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QUESTION: Yes, could you please send me that page that describes how to replace the starter?  my email address is  ... Thank you very much.

Hi Jennifer,
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