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Chrysler Repair/'94 New Yorker: power windows/heater


QUESTION: the heater and windows quit working all at once,and have not worked since,i,ve checked what fuses i could find,but they were under the hood,i,m sure theres more.If so where would they be located,inside the car its all covered under the dash and not sure if there is any under there.Any advice to help me sir would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for your time.

There is a fuse box at the very far left end of the dash, behind the left end-cap.
The power windows are powered by a circuit breaker in the #22 position (possibly labeled F21) located next to the very rear-most circuit breaker in the top row. If that is resettable, then reset the circuit breaker to get the power window function going again.
On the Heater unit I need to know if you have the conventional type control or the Automatic temperature control (digital readout) and also exactly what is not working: the control panel or the blower motor?
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QUESTION: Roland,it is an automatic system,i checked the fuses(thank you on location ) and found all were in good shape.So now i,m back to square one trying to figure out if its one of those larger fuses under the hood or something else?

Check fuse J (40 amp) in the box under the hood (front-most of the row on the edge. That fuse powers the 6, 7, 21fuse/circuit breaker at that dash box I pointed you toward as well as back-up lamps/anti-lock brake system/air bag system. It feeds cureent through the ignition switch when in the 'run' position so if the J fuse is OK then check to be sure that the fuses/circuit breaker show 12v as well. It might be either the J fuse or the section of the ignition switch that is 'open'.
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QUESTION: Roland i switched the fuses like you suggested ,but that didn,t work.Is their something else i can check,a broken fusable link,groundwire,anything???

Hi Tom
As I explained in the previous answer if fuses J in the box under the hood, and 6,7, and circuit breaker 21 at the end cap of the dash are all good, then you should find there to be 12v present on 6, 7 and 21 (both sides thereof) when you have the key in the 'run' position.
So if you have a voltmeter or a 12v neon glow light do check on whether or not you have 12 volts present on those fuses at the end of the dash. If you don't then verify that you have 12v on fuse J (both sides) and if you do then you need to replace the ignition switch because  one section of that switch is what connects J to the dash fuses.
To check for voltage connect one end of the test device to any shiny metal surface of the body/dash structure (called 'ground') and the other end to both sides of the fuses in question.
That is the way I would approach this problem. Please let me know what you find.
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