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Chrysler Repair/Chryslar 300 will not shut down, now won't start.


QUESTION: my cryslar 300 would not shut down after turning the car off. so i disconnected the battery and now my car will not turn on.

ANSWER: Hi Adlefa,
That sounds like you have a defective ignition switch or a problem in the wires that are connected to that switch. When you say it won't start, do you mean the starter motor won't rotate the engine, or that it does but the engine won't start? Tell me the model year of the vehicle.
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QUESTION: 2007, no the starter motor will not rotate. when you turn the key nothing happens. no noise like trying to start or anything. Lights on dashboard are on, but turn key nothing, no sound or anything.

ANSWER: If you hear no sound whatsoever when you turn the key to 'run' and also no sound whatsoever when your turn the key to start, then it appears to me you have an ignition switch problem. That is also suggested because the key didn't turn off the engine earlier. There should be the sound of the fuel pump for a moment when you turn the key to run and the start relay in the engine compartment to click (inside the power box under the hood) when you turn the key to 'start'. So absent any such sounds I would believe you have an ignition switch failure. If you have a voltmeter I can tell you how to check out the switch, or I can tell you how to remove and replace it. The battery could be discharged, but the fuel pump and the starter relay should still make the noises even then if the switch were good. Be sure the battery cables are tight on the battery posts.
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QUESTION: there is a sound the power box under the hood. It is a clicking sound whenever we turn the key to start engine.

If you hear a click once, or even repetitive clicks, that likely means that the voltage output of the battery is too low to activate the starter motor. I would believe that the battery is discharged, worn out, or not well connected. If you have checked the clamps at the battery posts, then I would check the other ends of the black wires connected to the - post clamp just in case one of those might be loose which is the only other reason for too low a voltage on the system.
If that checks out, then if you have jumper cables and another vehicle to help, then try doing a jump from the known good battery to your battery. + to +, and - to -. You might want to have the other car running at the time you do the battery jump. Then see if that causes the starter motor to work.
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