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QUESTION: While driving my 06 Town & Country, the mini van began to make a rattling noise when I accelerated, then the battery light appeared, what could be the problem?

ANSWER: Hi Phil,
The battery light means that the voltage of the overall system is too low. Usually that happens when the alternator or drive belt for the alternator break. However it is possible for another part of the electrical system to short and thus drive down the voltage as well.
The rattling sound when accelerating is a bit strange if the issue is the battery charging system so I would begin by checking at the front of the engine to see if both drive belts are in place, then start the engine and see if the rattling sound is produced when the transmission is in Park and the van is at rest. Try 'revving' the engine to induce the sound if it isn't present at idle speed. Look/listen to localize where any sound is coming from. Let me know what you determine and we'll go from there. Tell me which size engine (L) that you have.
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QUESTION: I only noticed one belt, I didn't see a belt around the top pulley, the rattling sound only occurs when I presses the gas pedal. I have a 3.3L engine.

Hi Phil,
that engine has only one drive belt and it powers the alternator, the water pump the power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and then there is the powering pulley on the engine crankshaft as well as an idler pulley and a tensioner pulley. If the you find the belt to be tight and turning all those devices then the belt is ok. If the rattling sound is coming from that location on the engine then you would want to try and locate which of all those pulley areas seems to be the source of the noise. You might use a piece of rubber hose as an "ear horn" to listen at one end while you move the other end close to each of the pulley to try and focus your hearing in that manner. I would suspect the alternator is the problem because of the battery light coming on. That is the one on the top of the engine next to the radiator. Notice whether the belt might be slipping on the pulley which would happen if the bearings of the alternator were worn out and thus making the rattling sound.
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