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Chrysler Repair/'03 2.7L: Rough idle-stall, code 123


QUESTION: Hello Roland,

I recently purchased a 2003 Chrysler Sebring LXi convertible from a family member who had the vehicle at the mechanic for current issue. I have been searching the Web and came across your answer to a similar problem about the egr valve.2.7L engine. The car is has rough idle shakes when stopped, and stalls after driven a few miles when slowed down or coming to a stop. The rpm begins to lower and then stalls.cranks back up fine. The mechanic said it may be timing chain but unsure until he looked inside the engine. My buddy who has same engine in his intrepid took a quick look and thought it needed a timing chain and water pump kit. Not sure which way to go would like your input before I start buying parts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks for your time and help.

ANSWER: Hi Shawn,
I would always want to check out the egr valve for that set of symptoms, but according to my '03 manual there is no egr valve any longer on that engine. Unless you find there to be one (look below the throttle body for the valve and connecting tubes if there) the best approach would be to get a fault code readout. A nationwide autoparts store such as Autozone, will often do that for free or an independent shop would charge around $40. Get the 4-digit fault code numbers, ask what they mean, and then let me know and we'll go from there.
I would certainly not assume an issue with the timing chain and all that would involve without proof. The water pump on that engine is supposed to 'weep' a bit occasionally so don't worry about that unless it is a frank leak situation.
Let me know what you find and we'll go from there.
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QUESTION: Hello Roland,
Thanks again for your expertise. I previously stated I owned '2003 Chrysler Sebring lxi convertible, after checking paper work i see it is a listed as a 2002 model. I want to know if the 02 model has an egr valve,
I got a.code from autozone and here is the reading i received the best i can do.
Definition-Fuel trim bank two condition. Explanation-The ECM has detected a rich or lean Air/.Fuel ratio condition on engine bank two. Probable cause-1, If bank one and two are set together suspect a fuel pressure condition or MAF sensor fault-2, failed H02S21(Heated oxygen sensor-Bank 2 sensor 1)-3, Ignition misfire condition-4, Fuel injector problem-5 Engine mechanical condition.

ANSWER: Hi Shawn,
I don't have the '02 manual for the Sebring or for that engine in any other model. It definitely was used in the '01 sedan model with the 2.7L engine. You can either look for it where I described it to be, or look on the sticker on the under side of the hood which shows the vacuum hoses and see whether it shows an egr to be present on that diagram, or check with a dealer parts counter.
On the 0175 the most likely cause would be the oxygen sensor located on the exhaust manifold in the very middle of it, the one on the bank of cylinders that faces the front of the vehicle. Take a look for that and inspect its wire (4) to see if any of them are broken. If not the chances are fairly good that the sensor has failed so you could replace it even if the wires look good. But check for the egr and its condition first before changing the sensor unless you do find a broken wire. Usually when that sensor goes it will typically cause increased pollution/decreased mileage but not the dieing out when slowing down. If you do have the egr let me know and I can copy the pages that tell/show how to remove and install it.

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QUESTION: Hello Roland ,
I recently got my codes read again and got a new code p0123  Tps/pedal position sensor. My mechanic thinks my tps is broken so i will replace it soon and see how it runs. Also after long drives my coolant over flow tank is bubbling/boiling, not sure why. I also need to replace my motor mounts, looking at parts not sure the difference between hydraulic front and solid front mount i see both listed on online. Thanks again for your input.

Hi Shawn,
On the code 0123 it would be good to look carefully at the wiring harness/plug of the tps as the code is saying that the signal output is higher than the normal range which could mean that the problem is a short in the several wires that go the the sensor rather than the sensor itself.
on the bubbling/boiling I would wonder whether you have sufficient mix of antifreeze to get a 50/50 concentration which raises the boiling point above the operating temp of the engine.
On the mounts, I don't see that discussed in the manual so check to see if they are hard rubber or some other substance (which would be the hydraulic type). I have the pages for changing out the mounts if you would like those. Tell me your email address but don't use the @ symbol instead use 'at', otherwise the address will be erased automatically.
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