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My 2001 2.7L V6 Chrysler sebring convertible has been hesitating with starting(almost chugging motion) like its not getting gas. This has been going on for awhile but usually only right after I get gas and sometimes not at all. On sunday afternoon for the first time ever I had put it in park and realized it just shut off. I thought I ran out of gas since my dash does not work and didn't know how much I had. A little later put gas in it got about 2 blocks came to a complete stop and it turned off again. I thought maybe it just wasn't enough gas so put more in it. At this point realized it was full. It then started up just fine. I drove it for about 20 minutes and one block from my house it stopped and turned off again at a complete stop. At this time I could not get it to start at all(it just chugged like it was trying to) I also noticed steam coming from under the hood. Pushed it off the road and came back to it several hours later with no issue starting it and getting it home a block away. I have been told that it sounds like my fuel filter needs to be replaced. Sorry for the long message but, wanted you to know exactly what was going on. question is why can I not find a fuel filter to replace it anywhere for purchase? My brother knows a good bit about cars and he got underneath and said he can see the filter. He also said there is the chance that he can just take it off and clean it out depending on what it is made of. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

Hi Lindsay,
The best way to find out what is wrong is to get a fault code readout using a code reader that plugs into a socket under the dash by the steering column. A nationwide autoparts store (such as Autozone) will often do that for free so call around to such stores listed in the phone book. This readour will give you a 4-digit code number prefaced by a P. Ask them the name of the code and what it means. Then send me a follow-up question and we'll go fome there. If you can't get a free readout then an independent repair shop will usually charge around $40 for doing it, and maybe nothing if you pay them to fix the problem that the code points toward.
I doubt it is the fuel filter which no days is actually located in the fuel tank and usually won't get clogged up for the life of the car.
I suspect it might be a part called the egr valve which often will cause the engine to die when instead of closing tight is hangs up ajar and that leans out the fuel-air mixture such that it won't catch and idle or will die when you slow down. This exhaust gas recirculation valve sticking slightly ajar can often be corrected by spraying some solvent on the stem of the valve where it enters the valve body. But get the fault code first and then let me know.
On the cluster not working, check fuses # 7 and 11 in the fuse box behind the left end cap of the dash to see if either one is blown or has a subtle crack in its internal wire.
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