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Chrysler Repair/'91plymoth voyager: no start


QUESTION: my van has been working fine then turn it off and when i went to start it it will turn over but won't start, i don't hear the fuel pump kick in, it has started after sitting over night but only run's for a few second's. I checked my key code's and these are for 1991 voyager with a 2.5 liter engine, its an automatic, it also has a fuel pump relay on the left firewall i replace it last year so not sure if could be the same problem? so these are the key code's that flashed twice 3-6-6-5-5 also i have a friend who has a 1992 voyager with a almost new fuel pump his is a 3.0 liter would his pump and or relay be compatabel for my van? thank you for any help you can give on this.

ANSWER: Hi Eldon,
There are supposed to be an even number of fault code numbers as each code is two digit.
The 3 might actually be a 1-2 or a 2-1. So check again. Similarly, look carefully at the 6's to be sure there is no pause in either of those, because in '91 there was no 66 code available.
By '94 the 66 code did come into existence and it had to do with digital communication issues between the pcm,tcm, and bcm, but I doubt that you have a true 66 in your '91. So try another readout or two and let me know. The 55 is always last and means simply "end of readout".
Also, listen for the fuel pump to run for just about a second when you turn the key to the
'run' position or feel/listen the fuel pump relay to see if it clicks and then clicks off after about a second, and then when you try the starter does it click and then only clicks again when you release the key should the engine not start.
The fuel pump for the 3.0L operates at a different pressure from the 2.5L so they are not interchangeable.
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QUESTION: Thank's Roland for you reply, I checked the key code's again and you were right, I miss read them, they seem to be as follows 1-2-2-4-5-1-5-5 x two thank you again.

Hi Eldon,
12 means that sometime in the past 50-100 key cycles the battery was disconnected...unless that is not the case it usually is disregarded.
24 means the the throttle position sensor voltage is outside the proper range. This usually is caused by a short between any 2 of the 4 wires that connect to that sensor. So remove the air cleaner and inspect the harness that connects to a plug on the side of the throttle body where the sensor is located. It is the only one with 4 wires. Notice any signs of melting of insulation as this is a chronically hot area.
51 means the oxygen sensor is seeing a too lean air/fuel mixture and that might be related to the erroneous throttle position sensor condition or possibly a vacuum leak into the input manifold due to a detached/cracked vacuum hose, or possibly a worn out oxygen sensor. So try to fix the 24, then look for any vacuum hose problems on the intake manifold, and if you can't get the 51 to erase it may be appropriate to change out the oxygen sensor located on the eshaust manifold.
You can erase the codes by disconnecting the battery for a minute or so. Then try to start the engine and see if it will now run. Of course we still have the no start to consider if that is not corrected. So check out the fuel pump question as described earlier.
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