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Chrysler Repair/'97 Neon: fans come on quickly after start up


Roland i have a problem my neon 1997 is starting after i depress the pedal and idles for 5mins then die. when i restart it just turns but wont start. this is second day after sometime it starts again but dies. i can hear the pump when i turn the key, there are no codes execpt the 12-55 as you have said before refers to battery dicsonnected recently.apart from that 100% no codes

ANSWER: Hi Tony,
With no codes about the only part that causes this sort of an issue is the exhaust gas recirculation valve. The valve connects a small pipe that branches off of the side of the exhaust manifold and runs around the rear of the engine, goes thru the valve, and on to connect to the intake manifold just below the throttle body (again via a small diameter). So find that valve which has a round top with a vacuum hose connected to it, the valve body connected to the metal pipe(s), and a flange in between those two parts. Hidden from view, inside the flange, is a rod which is the valve stem. It has a slot going around the circumeference of the rod into which you can insert the tip of a screwdriver and move the stem back and forth. Probably the valve stem is gummed up and not allowing the valve to close all the way by means of spring action that you will detect as you move it. Take some WD-40 or similar spray solvent and spray the rod where it enters the valve body. Then move the stem back and forth to loosen up the action and note whether the spring then brings the valve stem to a deadstop (the closed position). Then try and start the engine and see if that has solved the problem.
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is it normal for the fans to come on when you start the car and its been parked overnight. lately the fans come on almost 10-15 times at interval of 10-20sec apart for about 15 times when the engine is supposed to have been cold.  after that cycle the fans stop and only come on again , i think when the  engine needs cooling and turn off as the norm. could there be something wrong with the start up

ANSWER: Hi Tony,
That is not normal so try to get a fault code readout. It may be that the coolant temp sensor or its wiring is out of order. Or the fan relay could be sticking shut so try trading that out for an identically numbered relay (one that is not critical to the engine function) to see if that affects this problem.
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QUESTION: i will re check. i forgot to include that i had also put in a new thermostat. and thats when it started. i had discovered the thermostat  been removed i guess from the previous owner.

Hi Tony,

Did you notice that there is a vent hole in the thermostat's main circular plate (which separates the two sides from one another)? That vent hole should be up (at the 12 o'clock position) when you insert it in the opening. I assume this is the 2.0L SOHC engine.
Are you sure that you put the thermostat in so that the coil side of it is pointing into the engine?  Of course it needs to be the proper thermostat for that specific engine to start with.
The other possibility is that there is air trapped in the thermostat housing or thereabouts which is delaying the circulation of the coolant and that may be due to the hole not being 'up'.
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