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QUESTION: Hi Ronald,i just bought a 1996 chrysler lhs 3.5 engine,128000 miles, when i bought the car the owner told me it was sitting for 2 months,he claim it was running fine before,he tried to star the car up with no luck at all,so that was the reason he was selling it,he did not want to put more money on it.As soon i got the car i tried to start it up to see what was the cause,but nothing happen,it seems it want to go but then nothing happen like it need gas,my first thought was to check the timing belt witch was in perfect condition all the points align.Then i checked the fuel pump good too,i replaced the plugs,check all vacuum hoses,everything is okay,then i try again, it start up for 2o 3 seconds then die,keep doing the same good for 2  03 seconds and shut off,then i took one plug out to see if is gas it was full of gas like the injectors are not working, and the gas is going inside the piston without i do not know if are the injector or the fuel pressure regulator,o the alarm system i do not know.i appreciated any advice that you can give me ,thank in advance.

I suspect that you have an anti-theft system which is not disarmed. Is there any unlabelled small flashing light located on the top cover of the dash, which is a clue to that possibility?
Were that the case the engine will start but then die in a few seconds. You have to then send the anti-theft system the "OK" to let it know that the owner is there and using the key. Try using the door key on the passenger side door key lock. First lock it, then unlock using the key. Then see if the engine will start and not die after 2 or 3 seconds. Plese let me know.
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QUESTION: Hi Ronland,well i did the anti theft ,and nothing happen also,  i was trying before to get any codes but nothing happen no codes at all,and today  star up for 1 o 2 seconds and shut down,and i try again and it gets hard,like i needs gas or too much gas,then i get the code 3 and 55,also  i disconnect the battery and for an hour to to reset the computer but the same,also i swap the relay fuses from the black box by the motor there are good,remember last time i told you that i took one plug out ,and was full o gas like if i pour gas on it,so i am suspecting the injectors or some thing else,i am going to keep digging and i let you know,because of the weather i can't do much,i live in Chicago and is freezing cold,and i do not have a garage the car is in the front,thanks you very much,and if you have something in main let me know.

Hi Tin,
I am now thinking that you may simply have a exhaust gas recirculation valve that is stuck slightly ajar which causes a very wrong fuel/air ratio that prevents the engine from idling.
That valve is located at the right side rear of the cylinder head. It has an small diameter metal pipe that goes to it having branched off of the right exhaust manifold. It is mounted sideway on the cylinder head and has a round top with a vacuum hose attached to it. Between the round top and the body of the valve there is a flange that conceals a rod which is horizontal and that rod is the valve stem. It has a slot that goes around the circumference of the rod. You can put the tip of a screwdriver in that slot and move the rod back and forth, against internal spring-action which tries to close the valve. If the action is sluggish or bound up then spray some solvent such as WD-40 on the rod where it goes into the body of the valve, then move the rod some more to be sure that the spring closes it to a dead stop. Then see if the engine will start and idle.
The codes your got (3 which is likely actually 12) and 55 are not relevant to a no start, but thanks for trying than and telling me as that eliminates alot of possibilities EXCEPT for the egr which doesn't have a fault code so is often overlooked!
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