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QUESTION: I just bought at 2001 Chrysler Town & Country 3.8 L engine and the power sliding doors are insane.  When I first go out in the morning, I get in the van and push the overhead buttons to open the doors.  Both doors will unlatch but not slide open.  I then have to manually close the doors and when I push the buttons again, both doors open with no problem.  They will open and close perfectly 10 times in a row if you do it.  But if you wait 5 mins, the whole process starts over again.  Both doors will unlatch but not slide until I manually close them.

The dealer I bought it from is not a Chrysler dealer so he said he spoke to a Chrysler dealer about it and that dealer supposedly said that the doors were programmed to do that so little kids couldn't get out of the doors without a parent knowing about it.  It's a safety feature and that he would need to reprogram the doors for $400.  

So I called 2 other Chrysler dealers and one guy said that it sounded like either the door latches needed to be replace or the door motors did.  He said the programming the van that way didn't sound right to him.  The 2nd dealer said that it sounded like the body contol module needed to be reset and that the programming the van that way sounded like phooey to him.

So now I have 3 different Chrysler dealers opinions on the same problem.  Do you agree with any of these 3?  These doors sure make it hard to get my 4 young children in and out of the van.  


ANSWER: Both doors will unlatch but not slide open.  I then have to manually close the doors and when I push the buttons again

that is not a safely issue  who ever said that is a moron.

More then likely the latches yes   they have been know for issues such as that.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh man I was told the latches were more expensive than resetting the BCM so I was hoping it was that.  Would there be more symptoms if the BCM was bad or what maes you choose the latches over the BCM?


PS  Love the moron comment...I'm beginning to believe that is the case with this dealer...either that or he thinks I'M the moron!

the BCM has nothing to do with the doors  each door has its on separate module.
The people u talk at are service writers  they type what u say and sell u work  that's all they do  they have in most cases zero experience in fixing cars and should not be allowed to tell people stuff.    The latches are  ooo  150 bucks for parts   if i remember rt.

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