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Chrysler Repair/'05 Sebring 2,7L: trouble code 2096


You helped me with a '96 Sebring a couple of years back - I was rebuilding an engine, used "dedicated_dad" at Yahoo as the address back then...

I now have a 2005 Sebring Conv, with the 2.7l engine. It's had a 75k engine installed, and been throwing codes ever since.

I finally found that the o2 sensor codes were due to bosch 02 sensors - replaced them with MOPAR OEM units and they're gone now - but the "bank 1 system too lean" code 2096 continues to plague...

I've even paid the dealer <400 to "fix" this, and the same code continues to pop up...

The car's had a new injector on Cyl#1, and a new fuel-pump, but this code continues...

ANY help you can give would be deeply appreciated!!

ANSWER: Hi Alan,
That code says the downstream sensor on the right side bank of the engine exhaust pathway is too lean (that is the side closer to the firewall). It could be either the downstream sensor wiring, the sensor itself, or a leak in the exhaust system between the outlet of the exhaust manifold and the sensor (along the exhaust pipe on that side). There also could be a engine mechanical/fuel problem but those would be secondary to the sensor/leak possibilities. Those possibilities are also described described but because the upstream sensor doesn't put out a code I would think that it is not internal to the engine that you  have this downstream only code on one side.
I can send you the specific couple of pages that describe the 2096 code and how to remediate it. Send me your email address in a 'follow-up' question, but don't use the @ symbol, instead use 'at', otherwise the address will be erased. I will also give you the wiring connections to the PCM for that downstream sensor and you can verify whether you have a wiring problem or not.
Please 'rate/nominate' my answer/me (see the PS below).

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QUESTION: Hi Roland - you can actually still use the "dedicated_dad" at yahoo addy if you like - that's perfect, actually as I don't want to publish my new(er)/clean(er) one in so public a place...

One BIG question though: the dealer told me that "bank 1" was on the *FRONT* side of the engine - not on the firewall side!

It's the 2.7liter, if that changes anything...  It would be ESPECIALLY odd if changing the front pair of 02 sensors caused the the code for the REAR pair to go away!

Last thing, when you say "...wiring connections...verify...a wiring problem..." I assume you mean by connecting an ohmmeter to both ends of each wire and checking resistance?

Thanks again for all you do!!

Hi Alan,
I will use the earlier email address and send the pages shortly to that.
As to which side of the engine exhaust is the 2096 code pointing at, the 1/2 means right side/downstream sensor according to my manuals. By right side I have been under the impression that means engine-right (as the engine would perceive itself, not as we look at it from the front side of the engine). If that is correct my impression for the transverse mountine with the front of the engine facing the passenger side of the car would lead me to believe that the right side of the engine is next to the firewall. If I am correct the sensor would have a wire colored brown/violet, while the sensor on the side of the engine facing the front of the vehicle (what I call 'left') would be brown/gray (the other three wires on both sensors are identical in color).
So take a look and let me know whether I am wrong or right.
The brown/violet goes to pin 9 of the #3 plug at the pcm, while the brown/gray goes to pin 10.
The common tan/white wires go to pin 31 and 33, respectively of the #1 plug at the pcm.
The common dark blue/dark green wires go to pin 32 of the #1 plug at the pcm.
The common black wires go to ground.
PCM plug 1 is black/black, while plug 3 is black/natural.
So those are the wires you can verify for continuity using an ohmmeter, and for not being shorted together.
You didn't say which sensors were changed, so I am not clear as to your last comment. It is clear that it is the rear sensor is involved in the current 2096 code.
I will send the pages from the pcm manual shortly.
Please consider a rate and a nomination if you would be so kind.

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