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Chrysler Repair/'89 dodge spirit: error code 27


Ok I figured out the code so what's it mean an how can I fix it? Please help me with this. thanks.

Hi Jay,
That code points to the fuel injector not responding properly to the signal being sent to it by the powertrain control module. It is either a wiring problem between the two or the fuel injector itself is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced. I assume this is either a 2.2 or 2.5L non-turbo engine in which case the injector is mounted in the throttle body and is easy to replace yourself. The only problem is the price which I believe is in the $100+ range so you would do well to shop around for price.
You can assess the function of the injector as it sits by removing the air intake box (noticing all the hoses on the underside to be sure to get them all reconnected later).
Then with a bright light you can look down on the throttle plate while a helper cranks over the engine. I assume you are having trouble getting it started. So as the engine is cranked observe the fuel spray pattern that falls down from the injector outlet and lands on the throttle plate. It should be a very fine and symmetric spray, and when the engine cranking is ceased there should be no dripping of fuel. If you have no spray, then check the wire on the throttle body and along its harness as far as you can to be sure it isn't disconnected or has its insultation melted through. The resistance to ground of the disconnected sensor should be around 1 ohm. Anything much higher or 0 ohms would indicate a failed injector.
Let me know if my assumption about the engine-type is wrong.
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Thanks so much for doing that.

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