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I found the question you answered for Mark on his headlight issues, but mine are acting slightly differently. I have inherited my dad's 91 Dynasty. When I pull the headlight switch out to the first position I have park/tail lights as expected. When I pull out to the 2nd position the park/tail lights remain on but I have no headlights. The flash feature on the column stalk will cause the hi-beams to come on. This is slightly different as Mark had headlights but no park/tail lamps at position 2. Any ideas? Dash switch?

Hi Greg,
The current for the headlamps comes from the headlamp switch and passes to and through the column stalk switch to select low or high. The current for the flash feature arrives at the same switch but of course doesn't go through the headlamp switch. The large fuse (50 amp) in the engine compartment powers both of those pathways, so it must be ok because you have flash feature.
It either is the headlamp switch on the dash or the headlamp switch on the stalk that is not connecting. You could check at the headlamp switch to see if you get 12v on pin H (light green wire) when you have the switch in the second detent and if not then the switch is bad. If you remove the plug from the switch you can simply check continuity of that second detent by testing between pin H amd B1 (where the red/white wire comes into the switch). If you do get voltage/continuity at the headlamp awitch then go to the column stalk switch and verify that the light green wire is showing 12v with the headlamp switch in the 2nd position. If not, then the wire is open between the headlamp switch and the stalk switch. If it does show 12v then in Low position there should be 12v on the violet wire and in the high position 12v should be on the red/orange wire.  If not, then the stalk switch is defective. You could start at the stalk switch, and if that proves out go to the headlamp switch itself.
To get to the headlamp switch you have to remove the upper and lower cluster bezel panels. Then remove the module that includes the headlamp switch.
Another approach to the problem would be to buy a can of spray electrical contact cleaner at an electronics store and try spraying inside the stalk switch body to clean up the internal contacts and if that doesn't work then try the same thing with the headlamp switch after removing from the dash). Spray into any cracks/openings of the switch bodies then try the switch action repeatedly in hopes that the issue is simply oxidation of the switch contacts inside one or the other of the switches.
I too inherited my dad's last Chrysler, back in '93, and am still driving it.  
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