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Chrysler Repair/Accelerator stuck: Pacifica 2005


QUESTION: Our new used Pacifica is having two problems. one is the gas pedal keeps getting stuck. this has happened about 5-6 times in the last week. you have to really stomp on it or put it back into park to release it. second, it seems to hesitate around 10 MPH and again 25-30 MPH.

ANSWER: Hi Barb,
About the accelerator pedal, I am unclear about the relationship that you said about putting the transmission into park to release it. Do you mean that putting the trans in park released the pedal, or that once you put it into park that you then manually move the pedal in order to get the pedal unstuck? There is no mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal and the gear shift, so I assume that you meant the latter.
There is a single cable between the upper end of the accelerator pedal "arm" and that cable goes to the throttle body on the engine. You would want to inspect that cable where it attaches to the pedal arm and then inspect it where it goes thru the firewall and then inspect it in the engine compartment where is comes thru the fire wall and finally inspect it where it attaches to the throttle body. The cable could be kinked or it might have dirt on it which is causing it to have friction between itself and the protective sheath which surrounds it along the pathway I have described. Finally the throttle lever which operates a rod that passes through the throttle body proper may need to be lubricated to free up the action of the throttle lever. You can rotate the lever to observe its motion and then apply some light oil to the rod on either side of the throat of the throttle body.
If you find the cable to be damaged and needing replacement then I can copy 3 pages from the Chrysler shop manual which shows how to remove and instll a new cable. Let me know your email address if you want those pages and I will attach them to an email. Don't use the @ symbol but rather use 'at', otherwise the address will be erased.
On the hesitation the place to start is with a self-diagnostic capability which you can access using the ignition key/switch: turn it "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window of the instrument cluster to see if the mileage reading disappears and in its place a 4-digit number(s) appears preceded by a P. Let me know the number and we'll go from there to find the solution.
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QUESTION: Thanks, i will show this to my husband and have him check this out. i have also read that the throttle body gets gooped up and may need cleaning. i thought we could try that as well.

Hi Barb,
Yes, you can also remove the intake air passageway to gain a view of the inside of the throttle body and its throat. Using some solvent you can clean off the round plate which is moved by the trottle lever (both sides of the plate) and the throat of the throttle body which the plate opens/closes, and the small tube on the side of the throat through which the air for idling is metered. If that plate/throat is gummed up it could cause the plate to stick ajar. Such a condition could also cause the hesitation that you mention.
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I added a sentence to my first answer suggesting that the pivol of the brake pedal arm could well be lubricated in case that is causing it to bind up.

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