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I have a '95 Chrysler LeBaron GTC, with a light switch cluster (not knob type).  On occasion while driving at night, all of the lights go out (headlights, dash and tailights).  I cannot get them to come back on but they will at some point by themselves.  When they go out, I can hold the bright switch lever and the brights will come on.  Brights will stay on as long as I hold the lever.  Even then no other lights work.

I also recently noticed that my interior lights don't always come on when I open either door.  But if I rattle the ignition switch they will come on.  The interior lights may also come on for no reason when car is parked.  I have replaced the ignition switch recently expecting it to resolve my problem with all the lights cutting out while driving.

Thirdly, with the lights on there is a beeping noise constantly.  The beeping sound that is suppose to remind you that the lights are still on after the ignition switch is off.  This beeps constantly while the lights are on.  But when all my lights cut out (as previously stated) the beeping stops.

I assume all of these issues are related.  But I have NO idea what needs replaced.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated as lights cutting out is very dangerous.

Thank you!

Hi Monty,
The 'reminder' beeping that you hear when the problem occurs does suggest interestingly that the body computer has recognized that you have turned on the lights and is warning you that because it thinks you have turned off the ignition switch that you should turn the lights off. But you haven't turned off the ignition switch! So perhaps the fuse which sends power to the body computer only when the ignition switch is 'on' is flakey (going on and off by itself) though that would also have to be related to what is also happening with the lights, and that is a bit complicated. So this is not a simple problem.  
I would start by checking fuse #57 (40 smps) in the fuse box in the engine compartment (second fuse from the outside end of the box). Notice carefully whether it might have an internal crack which would cause it to open and close intermittently. Also check the adjacent fuse 56. Then check fuse 14 in the box under the dash. Then look under the dash at the left inner panel where you will find a block of relays. There are two relays in the top row which are for the parking and the head lamps (the front and second position,respectively, the third and fourth socket are empty),
Try switching those two relays to see whether anything changes about the malbehavior. If all that seems to not improve things then:
This set of behaviors clearly suggests that the internal switch contacts for the headlamp activation, located inside the pod, are not making good contact. Have you noticed whether the same problem occurs (cluster/parking lamps similarly fail?) when you have only requested the parking lamp setting of the pod switch? If not, then that would certainly cause one to focus on the pod's internal headlamp switch contacts which are separate from the parking lamp switch contacts.  
One simple approach would be to buy a can of spray contact cleaner at an electronics supply store and use the spray straw applicator to spray inside the body of the pod switch through any openings or cracks so as to possibly clean off the dirt/oxidation of the internal contacts. You might try that as it 'sits' by spraying where the headlamp control knob enters the switch. If that doesn't clean it up, then removing the pod switch and trying that again from the hidden body-side of the switch would be the next step. Finally, replacing the pod switch would be in order.
I can photocopy and postal mail to you the page which shows how to remove the pod switch to gain access to it. Just tell me your postal mailing address.
Thanks for the rating and nomination!

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