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Chrysler Repair/Oil consumption on 2005 Chrysler Town and Country


My 2005 Chrysler Town and Country consumes oil.  At 62000 miles the dealer sealed the dip stick and the oil plug and ran an oil consumption test.  The van consumed 1.2 quarts of oil in 1000 miles of driving.  They said that this was with normal specs.  At 75,000 miles the van now consumes 1.5 quarts in 1000 miles of driving.  No smoke and no visible leaks.  Is this really normal? Should I fight Chrysler to have them overhaul the engine?

Suspected excessive engine oil consumption, burns oil, uses oil, with no leaks found.;Applies to most Chrysler Corporation models unless otherwise specified. Excessive engine oil usage or consumption suspected.
System or Component Abnormal Behavior / Function,Consumption / Oil Level Low But No Leak;Customer Concern (No DTCs);Engine Oil
Recommendation NORMAL OIL CONSUMPTION: Below are industry standards for normal engine oil consumption: Mileage below 50,000: Normal oil consumption is one quart for each 1,000 miles driven. Mileage above 50,000: Normal oil consumption is one quart for each 750 miles driven. TEST TO DETERMINE ENGINE OIL CONSUMPTION: Operate engine to normal operating temperature. Fill engine oil precisely to FULL mark on dip stick gauge. Use paint pen to mark the engine oil drain plug to prevent tampering. Check engine oil level after 1.000 miles driven. Refer to normal engine oil consumption listed above. POSSIBLE CAUSES FOR EXCESSIVE ENGINE OIL CONSUMPTION: PCV OR CCV SYSTEM: Check the crankcase ventilation system for proper operation. Oil may accumulate in the throttle body or intake manifold. Also, rocker arm lubrication oil flow returns to oil pan through drainback holes in top of cylinder head. Plugged or restricted oil drainback holes may contribute to excessive oil in crankcase ventilation system. SPARK PLUGS: Examine all spark plugs to identify the affected cylinder(s). Spark plug on the affected cylinder(s) will usually be fouled or wet with engine oil. VALVE GUIDES AND VALVE STEM SEALS: Inspect valve guides on the affected cylinder(s). Replace valve stem seals on the affected cylinder(s). PISTON RINGS: Check piston rings on the affected cylinder(s). Piston rings may be too tight / worn / broken / carbon build up in the oil control ring. CYLINDER WALL: Examine the cylinder wall on the affected cylinder(s). Cylinder wall may be severely scuffed. Perform hone procedure on the cylinder wall or replace cylinder block / short engine assembly as required  

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