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Chrysler Repair/'08 T & C transmision: codes 0846/1776


QUESTION: My chrysler voyager 2008 started to slip gears and then went into limp mode. It was bought new in 2008 and after 12 months transmission faied and was replaced under warranty by dealer. We have had no problems since then until now. A local mechanic has changed filter, fluid (ATF+4) both speed sensors ans shift solenoid pack. The car will not go into any forward gears, upon checking wiring he noticed that the wires are spliced and look to be unprofessionally installed. Contacted dealers who will not answer any questions regarding work that was done. Any help appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Seamus,
I would suggest that the wiring between the transmission and the transmission control module plugs be verified as to whether there are any open or shorted connections. That simply requires a volt-ohm meter or continuity tester which is inexpensive and available at an electronics supply store. That sounds to me like the logical first step.
When you say that it won't go into any forward gears do you mean that it will drive in 2nd gear only? If so then I would try to go to an Autozone or similar nationwide auto parts store where you could call ahead to see if they will do a free fault code readout. Get the 4-digit fault code numbers, ask what they mean, and then let me know the results. If there is no such parts store that will do a free readout then go back to the local mechanic and ask if he has a code reader and can do a readout for $40 or less.
I can send you the wiring diagrams for the transmission that either you or a mechanic can use to test each of the wires in the cables that appear to the mechanic to be unprofessionally spliced, or did he do that already? Any one 'open' wire can certainly cause the limp-mode situation. Let me know what the mechanic has done so far along that line of action.
If this wiring situation were discovered earlier it might have been possible to complain to the Chrysler Corp. regional service represenative and get some success but that may be difficult after this legth of time.
If it is just a wire then the repair will be inexpensive.
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QUESTION: Thankyou for your helpful advice, if possible could you email me the wiring diagrams for the transmission as suggested as I do not live in the USA. The mechanic found the following codes PO846 PO700 P1776.  The car was driving in second gear but now only reverse after changing the solenoid. I will keep you informed of any progress. Thankyou Seamus

Hi Seamus,
IF YOU WANT THE WIRING DIAGRAMS, Please send me another follow-up question where you tell me your email address, which I don't otherwise have access to. But don't use the @ symbol, instead use 'at', otherwise the address is automatically erased. Then I can send the wiring diagrams as an attachment to an email I will send to you directly.
The 1700 code just alerts to there being a specific trans fault code which is the 1776.
It points to an issue with the low-reverse solenoid switch valve being stuck in low/reverse position, or it could also be a problem with the electrical circuit that 'senses' the position of the solenoid (it could be 'open', shorted to 12v, or shorted to ground, or the solenoid pressure switch itself could be defective).
I would start with the circuit which I will send to you. If that doesn't produce a cause/repair I can send you the pages that go through the details of checking out the switch valve and the sensor. But start with the wiring. The 0846 also points to the low/reverse pressure switch sense circuit that I described above. So those codes strongly point toward that area as the problem.
As an aside, you could also try switching the 'transmission control relay' with another relay of the same part number. It is located in the power distribution box in the engine compartment which should be labelled as to the purpose of the relays. That relay, when deactivated/faulty, causes limp mode so just in case try that switching out with another relay that is not crucial to see whether that simple switch might solve the problem.
Thanks for the rating/nomination. You can do both again if you believe that my answer merits that.

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