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QUESTION: Chrysler Voyager. After using the hand brake the Trac off and ABS light went on. Can this have something to do with the hand brake? Best regards Liselotte

ANSWER: Hi Liselotte,
What is the year of the minivan, and by the name of it I assume it was sold to you outside of the USA, correct? Are both of the lights still "on" after you have driven it further? Or do they only come on when with the hand brake usage? Let me know the answers to these questions and I will look further into it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The car is bought in Denmark. Its a van 3,3 LTD AUT Grand Voyager type RG  year 2006.

It began just after releasing the hand brake. We very very seldom use the hand brake. Both lights have been on in a week now. Though they disappeared shortly one time during a ride. I have  been reading your answers on this matter, but due to the circumstances, I do not think it's the fuses. Nor the sensors? Could it be that the hand brake did not released itself properly?

Hi Lisolette,
The ABS and Trac off lights are 'ganged' together which means that if the ABS illuminates so too will the Trac off light. The ABS warning lamp when it is illuminated means that the controller has sensed a fault, but it may not still be present as the system is designed to stay illuminated for 3,500 miles even when the problem no longer exists. The ABS warning light is not indicative of any urgent hazard as the regular braking system will continue to function, with the only exception being if the red brake warning lamp comes 'on' and that would be important to correct such a situation.
I don't see a tie-in with the parking brake unless by chance that system was 'sticky' mechanically which caused the parking brake not to release at one of the wheels so that when you next drove it then if the brake pad at that wheel got hot it would cause the ABS system to detect that and that would turn on the ABS light/trac off lights. So the next time you drive at a highway speed and are not using the brakes I would suggest that you coast to the side of the road and touch each of the wheel rim metal surfaces to notice if any of them are hot. That would be a dragging brake and should be corrected.
The other approach would be to have the abs control unit memory read out for a stored fault code, using a diagnostic readout box and the manual for that system (called the chassis manual). Probably the dealer would be the place for such a readout for a fault code. If they find no active fault then they can cancel the code from the memory and that will turn off the ABS/trac off lights.
So I think you can continue to drive it safely being aware if the red brake warning light comes on or the brakes seem to not be working properly. The lights may go off on their own after 3,500 miles.
Thanks for the rating and nomination, which you are entitled to do again if you would be so kind.

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