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Chrysler Repair/'03 T & C: multiple interior switch lights 'out'


Would you please tell me where the relay is located on my 2003 Chrysler T&C minivan and what I have to do to replace it? Engine size is 3.8  Engine light came on today.  I had system analyzed and was told of failed relay.

Thank you for your time.

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ANSWER: Hi James,
The radiator fan relay is mounted behind the grille on top of the bumper reinforcement crossmember, on the left end of that member close to the left headlamp assembly. You can look through the grill and possibly see it, and also trace the wires that are attached to the fan module as they go to that relay.
You access it by removing the panel between the crossmember located at the top edge of the radiator and the upper grill facia directly in front of that. Then you can reach down to the relay I believe. It is attached to the reinforcement crossmember by a rivet so you may have to drill that out to free it. And when you put in the new relay you will want to either use a rivet or similar metallic firm fastener because the heat generated within the relay needs to be dissipated and part of that process is via conduction of the heat from the relay to the crossmember. Otherwise the new relay may fail due to overheating.
Please let me know if what I have described is different from what you find, and also if you accomplished the exchange in a different manner.
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Same 2003 Town and Country.  When accelerating from a stop, about 90% of the time, the tranny jerks about 3 times before it smooths out. I had it flashed at a Chrysler dealer and it shifted fine for about two years.  Any ideas?


ANSWER: You can cancel all existing codes by simply disconnecting the battery for a few seconds, but you will have to reset the stations on the radio and any other presets.

Hi James,
Get a fault code readout of the transmission controller. Try a self-readout first using the ignition switch:"on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see if the mileage is replaced by any 4-digit numbers in the 700's or 1700's. Let me know what they are. If that doesn't work, then get a free readout at Autozone or for around $40 at an independent garage using a code reader. Once you have codes we'll be able to get some direction as to what needs to be done.
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QUESTION: Hi Roland,
I was under the weather for a while.  No codes via odometer.  Will check out Auto Zone next and get back to you.
My overhead console light which illuminates the upper row of switches has failed.  The wiper switch and hazard light do not light.  Also the switch lights on the heater/ac controller have failed.  Can I buy new bulbs and replace the burned out ones?
Thank you for your time,

Hi James,
All those lights failing suggests not a bulb problem but rather a 12v power supply problem not getting to the bulbs. For these bulbs, all are powered out of the body control module which is located on the firewall in the cabin, just to the left of the brake pedal mounting bracket. It has 5 multi-pin plugs arranged vertically. The 2nd from the top plug (green interior when you remove it from the socket) has a pink/white wire on pin 5 of that plug. It should show 12v when the key is in the 'run' position. Check to see whether that is true or not and let me know. We'll go from there to solve the no lights problem.
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PS Thanks for the rating and nomination, James. On the light problems, before you go searching for the plug, if you would describe exactly which lights don't work I might be able to narrow down the problem. On the console, what do the those lights do, describe the switch function, and do they dim as usual like the dash lights under your control when normally functioning? What lights on the wiper switch don't illuminate. What light on the hazard doesn't light, and do the hazard lights themselves work? Which type of AC heater control do you have (conventional or automatic temp control) and which lights don't work and again can they normally be dimmed under your control? Might the dimmer switch just be turned way down?
Thanks for looking into the details and letting me know.

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