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Chrysler Repair/test tcm wiring for fault that would cause internal controler malf. DTC. P0700


My shift sol 8pin conector housing had trans fluid that may have shorted the TCM. I have cleaned all plugs,conn, checked con. and res. through the entire lume. Test 2-4 sol procedures, got good ohms 1.8ohm frm ssp pin#4-8 4-7,4-6,4-5...but there was no reading from 4-3,4-2,4-1,the res was in the 300 tho on 3,2&1 frm pin 4... is this a bad shift sol pk or is there another way to test the sft sol pk or the tcm for a fault. I replced the oss iss and the pcm and had the tcm scaned for codes but wasn't given any just advised to replace TCM... I hv a reman TCM pre programed, but I'm nervious about what caused the org. TCM to fail.. don't have any more money and this has been pain for over 2months, could u please help or shine some EXPERT advise on a stressful issue... Thanks in advanced for your time!!

first of all need to know what year and engine size van

second  is the p700 only code u got?  if that's the case  all of what U have done is null and void  because a p700 only means that there is a transmission issue  and means basically nothing with out getting into the tcm computer itself.

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