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Chrysler Repair/'96 2.4L: rough idle when slowing to a stop


QUESTION: I have a 96 chrysler sebring convertible 2.4 litre car runs fine up and down the road but when you come to an idle it runs rough and cuts off but like i said it runs good and smooth at driving speed. no codes present

ANSWER: Hi Pete,
That usually is the exhaust gas recirculation (egr) valve particularly when you show no codes. That valve is open when going down the road but has to close tight when you come to a stop or the mixture will be too lean. It is located on the rear of the cylinder head at the corner nearest the driver. It is mounted sideways and there is also a round black electric/vacuum-operated control valve just above it. The egr has a round top with vacuum hose, and then a metal flange between that and the body proper of the valve which bolts to the cylinder head. Inside that flange is a rod with a circumferential slot. That rod is the valve stem. You can insert the tip of a screwdriver in that slot and move it back and forth against spring-action which tries to close it. Over the years the valve gets gummed-up and the valve then hangs-up ajar instead of closing tightly when you slow down.
The easiest fix is to spray some WD-40 on the stem where it enters the valve body and then use the screwdriver tip to move the stem back and forth and thus free-up the 'action'. See if that solves the rough idle. If not, then you would remove the valve and clean the interior of it to accomplish that full closure condition.
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QUESTION: checked egr pulled aprt and cleaned but still rough idle and cutting off when slowing to idle. things that i have already tried are as follows
cleaned idle air control valve
pressure tested the system
new timing belt installed
replaced all vacuum lines
replaced idle air control valve
fresh tune up plugs,wires
intake gaskets
02 sensors
as stated before the car runs fine actually great going down the road just when you com to an idle

Hi Pete,
While running rough, have you tried pushing the stem of the EGR valve towards the valve body using the tip of a screwdriver in the slot? That should close the valve and smooth the idle if the egr is the cause. Otherwise, no fault codes by using the ignition key on-off sequence and counting flashes for the 'check engine' light?
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