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Chrysler Repair/'98 3.0L Minivan: code 0302


QUESTION: I would like the list of all possibles I don't want to replace the injectors I reset the code on it and started it revved motor up check engine light didn't come on till I went to let it idle today it stalled on me several times when turning and sitting at lights dirty air flow sensor ? What u think and motor is the 3.0 v6 it's a 1998 voyager 190k miles just replaced all plugs wires and rotor cap on it after it was given to me

ANSWER: Hi Joshua,
The possible causes for a misfire codes are ignition coil circuit, fuel pump or filter, egr valve being slightly stuck ajar, spark plug, wire or connector, mechanical engine problem with that cylinder, fuel injector for the that cylinder, or the powertrain control module. Have you checked the compression of the 2nd  cylinder?
I would suggest that you go to the egr valve and spray some WD-40 on the stem where it enters the valve body proper. Then put the tip of a screwdriver in the slot that goes around the stem and move the stem back and forth (against spring action which tries to close it to a dead stop. If that was hanging up ajar that would lean out the mixture at idle which might be seen  by the pcm as a 'miss' on the #2 cylinder.
The torque for the intake(cross manifold) is 174 inch-pounds (in several steps) while the torque for the intake plenum cover is 115 inch-pounds using gasket with beaded sealant on top side.
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Original question/answer:
im getting a #2 cyclinder misfire or malfunction code , im savy when it comes to things like this but on older v8 engines with fuel injection mainly not a minivan , it was given to me with this issue , can u tell me what the torque specs are for the intake manifold when i retorque things back down and , do u believe these code is being true , it idles really rough at 500 rpms and has stalled on me a few times over last few days , and also the Fuel light when it gets to 3/4 of a tank likes to start droping and dinnging really anooying stuff. times ive just wanted to put a stick of TNT in and drink a beer while i blow it up , if u could give me any advice id really appreicate it , u can email me or call me  

Hi Joshua,
What Liter engine do have: 2.4, 3.0, 3.3/3.8L? I believe the codes...but misfire can have a great many possible reasons. Do you have an idea as to what might be the cause? I can tell you the list of possibilities if you would like.
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QUESTION: Ok I tested injector pulse I'm getting 13.5 volts on the green wire but the other is only giving me a reading of .01 volts and doesn't change I checked the injector on ohm setting and I'm not getting resistance my meter just shows 1.

How would I check the coil circuit on this van ?

Hi Joshua,
The other wire at the injector is tan/white and goes to pin 17 at the pcm. That wire probably 'floats' most of the time with no connection whatsoever, but once every two revolutions of the engine it is shorted to ground for a moment which cause the pulse of fuel to be emitted by the injector.  But to verify this, do the same measurement on the adjacent injector on cylinder #4 which has a light blue/brown wire and see if it behaves identically to the tan/white on pin #2. That brief grounding may not be detectable with a volt-ohm meter but rather you would need a more sophisticated analyzer.  But you could verify that the wire is indeed connected  from the injector plug to pin 17 and also that it is not shorted to ground.
The resistance measured across the injector should be about 1 ohm if the injector is OK electrically.
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