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Chrysler Repair/Coolant Leak location?


Hello, Mr. Finston. I don't think it's the water pump. Driven my 1994 Chrysler Town & Country van on numerous occasions, and found no leaks when I look underneath when the engine is running. I lot of driving I did for the past couple of weeks, and the vehicle never ran hot. But the temperature gauge elevated nearly to the top that had me worried a bit. I quickly returned the vehicle back home to checked under the hood. Uncapped the radiator and found the fluid level insufficiently low. No anti-freeze for now, I added water to the radiator, capped it, and drove my van a few more miles, and the temperature stayed in the middle, and rose no higher. It has got to be the lower hose. The following day before starting a cold engine I found fluid streak that had dried while streaming from underneath the vehicle. Check radiator and added more water. That parking spot had stain of any kind on the previous day. The vehicle apparently leaks overnight when the engine is off. What do you think? Thank you.

Hi Adonis,
It would be desirable to actually see from where the water is leaking out rather than basing it upon a streak on the ground. Was that streak directly under the lower hose? I agree that it is probably not the water pump because that tends to leak more rapidly when the engine is running, and sometimes not at all when it is 'off'.
You could inspect the lower hose and the lower hose clamps for signs of staining to corroborate your theory and then tighten the clamps a bit as well. I don't recall which engine you have so let me know that when you send me a follow-up.
Another possibility for an 'occult' leak is that there is an internal leak in the engine and that manifests itself either as foam in the oil, excessive white smoke coming from the tail pipe when you start the engine from cold, or early bubbling sounds from the upper engine soon after starting. So check for those as well.
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