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Chrysler Repair/transmission limp mode: code 0700


QUESTION: I have a 2001 pt cruiser, my check engine light came on, got codes, P0700, car wont kick into gear while driving, rpms go all the way up. Husband changed shift solenoid, still acting goofy, he then changed vehicle speed control module or sensor, it worked wonderful car acted fine for one day, now its back to the same, light on, same code. My question is I have a radiator leak, when my husband changed the solenoid he removed the thing that holds the battery, it had fluid from the radiator all over it, could this possibly make the solenoid short out and die???? Or what else could it be, no problems before this, it happened all of a sudden.

ANSWER: Hi Sandra,
If by 'shift solenoid' you mean the solenoid/pressure switch assembly then it is conceivable that if the electrical plug for that which is located on the top of the assembly and to the rear of the radiator were to have been 'flooded' with coolant then there could have been a short circuit between two wires. You could pull that plug and inspect it and the socket for residual fluid and if found attempt to remove it by means of q-tips and/or spraying it with electrical contact cleaner (available at electronics stores) which when it evaporates also evaporates residual water. I doubt the pack itself would be shorted internally by the wetting down it received.
If that doesn't solve this, then the best approach would be to do a fault code readout using a plug-in code reader at the socket under the dash by the steering column. The 700 code tells us that there is a transmission problem and also that there is another specific code(s) that the code read would reveal. You can often get a free readout at a nationwide auto parts store, such as Autozone, of an independent shop will charge about $40 to do it. Let me know the 4-digit number(s) and we can go from there.
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QUESTION: we did go to autozone they didn't tell the code but said it was transmission control solenoid, any feedback as to where that is and how much? Thanks so much for your help

Hi Sandra,
The only "solenoid" is the "pack" which is the large box you see on the transmission inside of which are several solenoids and that is why it is called a solenoid pack and it is several hundred dollars. But I would not just opt for that without knowing what other codes than the 0700 are present in the memory of the trans control module. That might point to a different item/approach to take rather than to try 'throwing' a solenoid pack at the problem.
There is a transmission control relay located in the front row of the power box under the hood. That relay has to close for the tcm to operate the shifting function. You might try removing the relay (labeled G), then jump a wire from #5 pin socket (rear/passenger side) to #1 (front/driver side) of the socket and see if the trans will shift or not. If that works then it might be worth replacing that relay, BUT on the other hand the relay may be alright and the tcm is not operating it because of the presence of that other unknown code. You would not want to leave the jumper in place, just use it to test out that possibility.  So I would go back to Autozone and seek that second code or go to an independent shop for a readout before buying ANY part.
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