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My 98 Sebring JXI won't start. Its been sitting for a little over a year now it cranks but won't start. Before it died on me, it would crank a little longer before starting a few times, it would also start up and stall unless I gave the gas pedal a little push upon starting. Now it only cranks but doesn't start.

I have tried replacing the cap rotor, plugs, and wires (were in bad shape to begin with) and new battery... all things I was going to do anyway. I turn the key on and hear the fuel pump hissing, but does not start. I tried taking the fuel line going to the injector rail off and have someone crank the car up to see if fuel comes out and none does.

My only other guess is it is either a fuel pump or clogged filter. Is there anything else I should be looking for?

Hi Chris,
I suspect that either the crankshaft position sensor or the camshaft position sensor (inside the distributor) has gone bad as if either of those signals is missing then the fuel pump and spark coil will be disabled for reasons of fire prevention. You can either borrow a fault code reader to plug in to the socket under the dash by the steering column to learn which sensor is 'out', or you could probe the signal and ground wire for each sensor with straight pins and then rotate the engine by hand via the crank pulley bolt (and with the key 'on') to observe whether each sensor is pulsing in its voltage reading between 5 and 0.3V several times per revolution of the engine. The sensor that didn't pulse would then need to be replaced. The cam sensor is not sold separately from the distributor but some owners have been able to buy it directly from a Japanese source. The crank sensor is cheap in comparison and is located at the rear of the engine just above the surface of the transmission housing's midline on the side of the engine closest to the firewall.
So see if you can borrow a code reader from a friend or otherwise get a reader or probe the wires at the pcm: the common sensor ground wire is on pin 43 (black/light blue), while the cam signal wire is on pin 33 (tan/yellow) and the crank signal is on pin 32 (gray/black).
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